Releasing Doubt

Written May 19, 2011 In yoga practice lately, I have been very conscious of the breath and am better able to pair it with the movements and poses, something that has always been difficult for me. In the 21-Day Yoga routine from Daily OM, when we are focused on the breath in the longer poses, Sadie routinely says to exhale or let go of whatever needs to leave and on the inhale, to bring in what is needed or desired. This has really resonated with me. (See the Daily OM website here.) Today when… Read More

Key to the Stars

When I first became involved with Habitat for Humanity, I was overwhelmed with the lengthy, difficult journey that each partner family had traveled in reaching the point of purchasing their home. I was also overwhelmed with the impact the new home would have on their lives – such a wonderful beginning of a dream with so much to follow. I still am in awe of this process as I watch it unfold again and again – each time with a unique twist, but always with that familiar flavor of inspiration and accomplishment…. Read More

If Death Were a Woman

Written July 2011 Several years ago I stumbled upon a poem that gripped my heart, resonated with me to my core. Death is so often pictured and imagined as ugly and rough. What if Death were a woman? Just the title of the poem shifted the concept of death for me. The author, Ellen Kort, articulated beautiful images by using gentle, simple tasks that she and Death would do together to celebrate her life. After reading it many times, I found myself wondering, “If Death came to me as a woman, what… Read More

Ilene Satala’s Mary Magdalene

Written June 2008 Ilene named this beauty, The Woman Who Knew All. I love Mary Magdalene. I love her boldness, her holiness that she maintained and lived within even when so many others discarded it. I love her wild red Celtic hair and her curves and her willingness to be true to herself. I love her sensuality that she lived honestly and openly. And her wisdom. I love her wisdom. Since I have this fascination with Mary Magdalene, I had to have this painting of Ilene’s. The colors are the bold ones… Read More

Beverly Rieger’s Music

Written August 2011 Beverly holds a special place in my heart. She was my daughter’s piano teacher for several years and she was so loving and open with her. It was reassuring to me to know that Alex was on the receiving end of such gentleness and love as she learned the gift of music. Beverly’s music sinks me into that gentle flow as well whenever I listen to it. It is the music I choose nearly every day to start my creative time. It is what I pick whenever I feel… Read More

Mother of the Year

Written Feb. 9, 2010 when contemplating how I stated my needs and create my own space with my familyparticularly in those earlier years when it was a little tougher because the kids were much younger. I’ve been thinking about writing down my philosophy on motherhood. How I came to where I am, the journey and all of that good stuff, but today all that keeps popping into my head are those stories you’d rather file away in the ‘never to be opened’ drawer. The ones where you knew you were seriously out… Read More

My Kids’ Stories

Written August 8, 2009 Earlier I posted a blog entitled ‘What Makes a Story?’ It suggested that it’s really not the monumental events in one’s life that define us, but rather the seemingly insignificant happenings that end up being our true life’s story. Being in the throes of motherhood, I find myself wondering what will define the truths of my kids’ life stories and can already see the same phenomenon playing out. As their mother, I have tried to create wonderful learning experiences in traveling and fieldtrips. I’ve deliberately celebrated milestones and… Read More

What Makes a Story?

Written August 7, 2009 Earlier this year, I was invited to write a chapter for the book, The Impulse to Flourish: Women’s Stories That Inspire a Full, Creative Life (yet to be published.)  As I hesitantly embarked on the adventure, I was puzzled with what I could possibly write about that would be interesting to an outside reader.  What exactly was my story?  I mean, I have experienced many things and reached many milestones with education, marriage, motherhood, travels, career, etc., but so has everyone else.  What made my story unique? I soon… Read More

Flourishing Through Transitions

Written August 6th, 2009, shortly before my husband undertook a major job change, my daughter graduated from college, my first son from high school, and my youngest son from eighth grade.  My household is in a grand state of transition. This wasn’t a surprise. I saw it coming months earlier when my youngest son observed that ‘isn’t it funny that all three of us kids will graduate the same week and move to something new?’ Funny indeed. And then when my husband chimed in that his job at work would be shifting… Read More

Web of Life (on white background)

This is another mounting of Web of Life piece that I originally created to center around the Lonely Tree painting I had done about 20 years ago in pastels. Please see the description of that piece within this same gallery to learn how it came about. This third ‘original’ cutting is mounted on a plain, white background so the convoluted images are crisp and clear. The original of this mounting measures 30 x 24″ including the border and hangs in my dear friend, Regina’s home. Prints of this original piece are available… Read More

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