In 2008, Artlink, a Fort Wayne gallery, had their Guitar show for open submission. When I heard of the theme, I was inspired to create an image of son Calvin, 17 years old at the time, playing his guitar. Calvin and a couple of his buddies, Coby and David, wrote and recorded songs in Coby’s garage for their band, Chasing Nothing. I loved seeing creativity pour out of these kids. The words they wrote individually and together were literally poetry with some being goofy and some mind-blowingly profound.

Calvin is the first of this Artlink-inspired Guitar Series was hung in their show. It is a 38 x 34.5″ multi-media piece that collages the paper cutting of Calvin with the original scribblings of his song writings amidst acrylic painting. For those of you unfamiliar with papercutting, this image is cut from a single sheet of Tyvek, i.e. it is whole and connected rather than being pieced together in any way.

Prints of this work as well as tshirts, ipad cases and notecards can be purchased via Redbubble. Check it out!


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