Who Eats Better?!

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My family has a favorite memory of my father. Each day during meals, whether we were eating filet mignon or week-old tuna casserole, whether it was he and I enjoying a quiet lunch or a crowded family table, he would utter the words, “Who eats better?!” To this day, we treasure that practice and say it during our family meals often toasting each other and sharing a good laugh.

And so it goes with memories. Sometimes they are grand events like weddings or holidays, but more often they are small, seemingly insignificant bits that don’t matter much at first glance. You may not have even registered them as important at all until that loved one is gone. Then those bits and pieces become evident as the little missing parts of a whole. In fact, those flashes of remembering are usually the ones that wash over you unexpectedly and cause you to cry a little, or chuckle, or feel the deepest love there is no matter how much time has passed.

My altar for the beautiful tradition of Day of the Dead celebrates these small memories of the loved ones in my family and those of my husband, Joel. Its base is a Formica table…



Written October 14, 2011 Today is my 48th birthday. As the Facebook messages pop up and my husband and children extend their greetings, my thoughts turn to the topic of receiving. Receiving birthday blessings, of course, but also receiving abundance, receiving love, receiving whatever it is that I need. Earlier this summer I attended a class on ‘Receiving and Love’ offered by my friend and mentor, Ilene. She offered us this image to ponder, a work of art by Marylou Falstreau. Ilene had been gifted with this image a year earlier when she was… Read More

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