My Guiding Hand

The hand of the Sacred Feminine has guided me through countless decisions and turning points in my life long before I knew what that really meant. The inner maps and patterns that are the essence of ‘me’ are behind this guiding hand. The photos that lie within it represent key times in my life when I felt that sacred guidance, invisible yet not unknown – getting married, the move to Fort Wayne, my first sold art piece (Rudy and Roxy), my mothering hands, dancing now, dancing then, staying married, choosing a different,… Read More

Drew’s Guiding Hand – Own It!

Drew’s guiding hand is simple. Own It! This title could, of course, speak to the idea of believing money will flow from doing something you love, but frankly, Drew doesn’t generally have trouble envisioning that. It could also be quite literal encouragement for him to own his own restaurant and be his own boss. At this point I really don’t presume to know what path of his career will bring him the most joy, so we’ll let those future meanings evolve in their own time. For this moment though, Own It! has… Read More

Calvin’s Guiding Hand

calvins guiding hand - blog size watermarked copy 

Movement. Mobility. Expression. Freedom. Strength. Overcoming.

These were the descriptive words that Calvin offered me as I embarked on his Guiding Hand piece. He had requested this personal work after seeing the one I did for myself a few years ago with the hopes of anchoring his own intentions.

I wasn’t surprised with his very action-oriented words and the essence that he wanted to capture. Calvin is quick on all levels – body, mind, and spirit.

His body is large enough to have the strength to balance on railings, stand on his hands, and hold his body weight. And he’s small, lean, and agile enough to travel lightly as he leaps off ledges and flips over obstacles in his free running pursuits. This quickness of movement is evident in the photos he chose to depict his intentions for the art piece.

Calvin’s mind moves fast in order to keep up with his extensive interest in how things work. If he desires to know more about various computer languages or physics theories or anything else, he picks up a book and learns what he’s seeking lickety split and then moves onto the next burning interest. There’s no time to waste with long, drawn-out classes and explanations because there’s so much more to learn. His mind is even busy as he sleeps. Dreams and reality are separated by a very thin veil in Calvin’s world. He listens to his dreams, creates business plans and math equations in them, solves inner problems, and plays.

2012 Sauer New Year Letter

Hello Family and Friends, A luxurious week of family togetherness compelled us to compose a 2011 summary to all of you. The problem is, we discovered we had never written a 2010 chronicle. To bring you up to speed…2010 is forever divided into four parts for our family. 1. January – May: Joel’s ‘Preparation to Leave his Longtime CEO Position at Lutheran Medical Group’ Phase. 2. June 1: The actual day of Joel’s departure from LMG. 3. June 2 – September 30: Joel’s ‘Recovery and Rediscovering Life’ Phase. 4. October – December:… Read More

Alex’s Guiding Hand

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I recently completed a commissioned gift of art for my daughter, Alex. We wanted to create a ‘power piece’, so to speak. Something that would embody the essence of who she is so whenever she saw it, she would be empowered to be herself, to be authentic. Per my request, Alex sent me 12 photos she wanted to include inside her guiding hand as well as any words or quotes that would help us reach our mutual, creative goal. As I composed it, I got to see and hear and feel my daughter. Her photos are all action oriented – mountain climbing, cliff hanging, cliff jumping, dancing, riding, laughing, creating, imagining. Powerful images from the first 25 years of her life that embody her spirit of adventure as well as her love of movement and challenge.

And her words. The words she sent me were not only powerful, but they were the exact words a mother hopes are poured into her daughter’s soul and become her essence. Reading them and writing them on her piece gave me the assurance that she is rooted in her strengths and a seeker of joy. And she understands love – of herself, of others, of life. These words are written all over the piece…

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