2012 Sauer New Year Letter

Hello Family and Friends,

A luxurious week of family togetherness compelled us to compose a 2011 summary to all of you. The problem is, we discovered we had never written a 2010 chronicle. To bring you up to speed…2010 is forever divided into four parts for our family.

1. January – May: Joel’s ‘Preparation to Leave his Longtime CEO Position at Lutheran Medical Group’ Phase.

2. June 1: The actual day of Joel’s departure from LMG.

3. June 2 – September 30: Joel’s ‘Recovery and Rediscovering Life’ Phase.

4. October – December: Joel’s ‘Building his Consulting Career’ Phase.

The rest of us went about our lives and rallied around him when needed – supporting, encouraging, assuring, and basically setting new rules for when he could sit and drink his coffee in my art studio. We also fit in a month-long trek to Italy which was amazing. If you’re really looking for something to do and miss the old days of watching family trips via a never-ending slide show, feel free to check out the daily blog we kept while there.

Now, on to 2011. We each had an incredibly inspiring year. We shared this with each other while sitting around the dinner table last week and narrowed it down to four questions to offer you a glimpse of our lives. Enjoy!

Who is the person or thing who most inspires you right now and why?

Alexandra:  There’s no one thing that inspires me right now. Rather I’m inspired by just about everything and my parents support each thing I explore.  (I swear I didn’t add that last part…strictly verbatim!)

Calvin:  Steve Jobs because he believed in big dreams and taking the action needed to achieve them.

Drew:  Anthis Culinary Program because I’m finally getting to cook every day as part of school.  (He attends this school daily along with traditional high school.)

Joel:  Matt Kelly from One Lucky Guitar, one of my new business partners, because he always follows his principles and is wildly creative with his business.

Ellen:  My family. They are each exploring their personal passions which gives me license to do the same. Or perhaps it’s vice versa.  Nonetheless, we’re on a roll!

What is the biggest change or decision you made in 2011?

Alexandra:  Moving across the country from New York City to Boulder, CO.

Calvin:  Leaving college to pursue personal entrepreneurial projects.

Drew:  The new sweatpants I just bought at Kohls.

Joel:  To branch out beyond health care with my consulting life.

Ellen:  To start a website to share my art and writings. (Thanks, Calvin and M.B.)

What lies ahead for you in 2012?

Alexandra:  LOTS of traveling – Vegas, Napa Valley, and San Fran to visit friends; Indiana and Wisconsin for weddings; and possibly abroad to teach English as a foreign language.

Calvin:  $$$

Drew:  Visiting, applying to, and getting accepted into Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Denver.

Joel:  30% of Calvin’s $$$ as well as a likely move to the Historic West Central District of downtown Fort Wayne.

Ellen:  Some publishing with friends and alone and lots of historic home renovations.

State one word that describes you right now.

alex blog size

Alex: ANTICIPATIVE  (On a cliff in Wyoming.)

calvin blog size

Calvin: AMBITIOUS (Pretending to be Wolverine after an intense, backyard soccer game with cousins.)

drew blog size

Drew: BODACIOUS  (At Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Green body paint + 30 degree temps = Uber Packer Fan.)

joel blog size

Joel: PASSIONATE.  (In the crown of the Statue of Liberty.)

ellen blog size

Ellen: READY  (Bring it on!!)

We passionately hope that this bodacious year finds you ambitiously seeking joy, anticipating many blessings, and ready for your dreams to manifest!


The Sauer Family


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