Drew’s Guiding Hand – Own It!

drews guiding hand blog size2

Drew’s guiding hand is simple. Own It! This title could, of course, speak to the idea of believing money will flow from doing something you love, but frankly, Drew doesn’t generally have trouble envisioning that. It could also be quite literal encouragement for him to own his own restaurant and be his own boss. At this point I really don’t presume to know what path of his career will bring him the most joy, so we’ll let those future meanings evolve in their own time.

For this moment though, Own It! has more to do with embracing his passion in a new way as he moves into the culinary world more fully – being willing to stand out in a crowd, seeking out and taking advantage of opportunities that feel right, speaking about his passion confidently to others. He’s on his way with this intention which is why his guiding hand piece is relatively small, measuring only 6 x 12 inches. It’s a gentle reminder. A nudge to keep on moving in the direction he finds himself already facing.

And yes, that’s a real twenty dollar bill he’s holding. Drew said he gets this whole intention thing, but he could have ‘owned’ a lot more if I would have just given him the money rather than shellacking it to a board. Point taken.


The original consists of a Tyvek papercut hand mounted on an upcycled 6×12″ cupboard door piece with found objects. 


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