Negotiating (aka So This is Why I Took Debate in High School)

May 22, 2012 One of the most interesting parts of this experience for me has been learning what is actually inside the walls of a house. Before April 10, 2012, I knew that heat came out of some vents and air was returned back through others. I knew that electrical wires ran here and there to offer me light at the flip of a switch. And I knew that there were pipes that took away the ick and brought in fresh water. There you go. What I didn’t know was how they… Read More

Words of Welcome


Clean up Aisles 8, 9, and 10!

May 19, 2012 I know we haven’t provided any updates for a few days. You’re probably all awaiting those glorious after pictures that you see in Better Homes and Gardens, aren’t you? Sadly, I can’t provide anything close to that yet as we’re still knocking down and cleaning up ceilings and walls. Just when we think we’re done, someone requests that another area be exposed and off we go. Pretty soon we’re either going to satisfy them or run out of things to knock down. After cleaning out the unfinished portion of… Read More


May 11, 2012 It would just be wrong to end today’s blog entries with bathroom sewage escaping from lead pipes, don’t you think? I know that I will have to return to my coping corner if that happens, so let’s look at some pretty pictures for a little bit. Here are four pictures of our new roof preceded by a before image so you can get a visual on the color of the previous roof. If you look really closely at the completed roof photos, you’ll also see that there are new… Read More


Written May 7, 2012 by Joel Sauer Perhaps more than any other question, this is the one we get most often.  It is elegant and simple, yet remarkably poignant.  Why? Usually the person asking is on their first tour of the place, their face looking like they just discovered something hairy in the meat drawer of the fridge.  They walk on tip-toes with their arms pulled back in t-rex  fashion trying not to touch anything.  I have to admit, the place is a mess.  It was empty for nearly five years and… Read More


May 26, 2012 We’ve had our share of little surprises as the walls have come down. Some of them have been amusing like the avalanche of hickory nuts that fell atop Joel as he knocked down the pantry ceiling, the chase above obviously home to a squirrel in years gone by. Many of the revelations have provided insight into how the house was originally laid out as in wallpaper behind a second layer of walls and baseboards continuing into closets and chases. (Full expanse of these unveilings are certain in blogs to… Read More

Lead Pipes

May 11, 2012 So we’ve already mentioned that lead pipes were cemented into the floor of the upstairs bath, right? If you missed that fascinating detail, you can learn more about it here. In that article, I was having a tough time remembering why those lead pipes in the bathroom floor cement had to be removed. We knew that one of the pipes running down the wall was in bad shape and needed to come out, but thought the others could be reused. Oh the naivete of early assessment. Now I remember what… Read More

Hmmm…Do you think we should remodel the bathroom?

May 4, 2012 For the past several months we’ve made umpteen plans for the house. Re-open doorways here, knock down walls there, move the chandelier over here, and so on. Through all of these decisions, we went back and forth on whether or not we should remodel the upstairs main bathroom. Its original cast-iron tub, hexagon-tiled floor, and solid marble walls made us think we should just do a minimum amount to it, i.e. resurface the tub, polish the marble, re-grout the floor, and find some great paint colors to make it… Read More

Clean up Aisle 7!

May 3, 2012 This post piggy backs onto the previous one, It’s Gonna Get Worse Before it Gets Better, because after all of that tear down and resulting mess, someone has to clean up, right? Who knew it was going to be us? I sure didn’t. As my sister, Sue, noted, the home improvement TV shows don’t show this part. They start with an eager couple making plans for what they envision (been there) and then they pose for the camera with a hammer (yep, did that too.) Then they pick out… Read More

It’s Gonna Get Worse Before It Gets Better

April 30, 2012 We’re heavily into the restoration of 1110 W. Washington and lo and behold, Steve, the all-knowing heating/air conditioning/plumbing expert’s words of wisdom have come true. Steve has been around the proverbial house-restoration block and knew exactly what to expect. Me, not so much. Flash back to the early days, bundled up in a cold, lonely house, with its paint peeling off the walls, but its potential quite visible if you looked really hard and long with your eyes unfocused and your head cocked about 30 degrees to the right…. Read More

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