May 11, 2012

It would just be wrong to end today’s blog entries with bathroom sewage escaping from lead pipes, don’t you think? I know that I will have to return to my coping corner if that happens, so let’s look at some pretty pictures for a little bit.

Here are four pictures of our new roof preceded by a before image so you can get a visual on the color of the previous roof. If you look really closely at the completed roof photos, you’ll also see that there are new gutters and downspouts. This is like one of those times when you get something new that nobody really cares about, but you just want to show it off, like dragging people into your basement to see a new furnace. (FYI…pictures of the new furnace will be forthcoming.) Gutters, downspouts, and roofs are very exciting. Now it can rain all spring and I won’t have to envision water leaking into walls rotting out wood and soaking drywall. Nice. Plus, I get to officially cross something off the list!

a - outside  9

img 0516

img 0517

img 0518

img 0519

There has also been some visible progress in the kitchen. After all of the piles of plaster and lath, the hammering down of the cement, and the removal of the broken lead pipes, rebuilding commenced. Make sure to pay attention to the brand new 2x4s in the photos below. Those constitute the framing for partial walls that will house ductwork and support kitchen cabinets. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to smell fresh-cut wood instead of soot-covered plaster for awhile. I’m still sweeping, but this time it’s only sawdust. Woot!

Before and after pictures may help you really see this progress. This is the view of the kitchen from the den a few weeks ago. Basically, there’s no view of the kitchen from the den.

b - first floor 3

This is the view now.

img 0509

And this is the view of the kitchen looking back toward the den before. Again, no real visibility there.

c - kitchen 4

And this is that same view now.

img 0507

And here are some beautiful 2×10″ header beams shored up next to those that were found to be partially rotting once the cement was removed. They’re hugging them tightly, offering a helping, supportive hand to the others who needed it…they don’t call them ‘sister’ beams for nothing. (XO to my sisters!)

img 0496

Joel just got home from the house and reported that there is now one working toilet. All contractors and the general contractor himself are very happy about that. Starbucks on the corner however is not as they will be losing a few sales from those who ran down there to use the bathroom and buy a drink. No pictures are included of this wonderful progress. I’m sure you can imagine it just fine on your own.

Last, here are two videos from this past weekend when we took a break from the house. Have you ever heard of the Saltine Cracker Challenge? The goal is to eat six saltines in one minute which is WAY harder than it sounds. This video is of Joel and his brother, Lee, attempting it and this one is of Drew actually doing it. Both may make you LOL so be prepared. And yes, I know this has nothing to do with the house renovation, but it was on the same camera card and so it must be time for a little R&R.


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