Words of Welcome

May 23, 2012

Shortly after our closing five weeks ago, we invited a few local friends and some new neighbors over to bear witness to our impending endeavor. We gave everyone colored pencils and markers  to write messages to us on the walls. We figured we had to paint every inch of the place anyway and it would be fun to know that their well wishes were buried within. Some of the messages have been (and may still be) rendered into bits and pieces with wall demolishing. I’m one to believe in the whole phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes theme, so I still feel like those writings moved us forward with all of this. Most of them however are still hanging around, making us chuckle as we work and plan.

I took photos of the writings to preserve them. Here are several to scroll through so you can enjoy them as much as we have. I’ve transcribed some of the more difficult to read writings below their pictures.

img 0217

img 0218

The house is waiting for a loving family.

img 0219

Welcome home, Sauers.

img 0221

img 0230

img 0231

img 0234

The Sauers live here (written by Joel)

img 0238

img 0274

Love is all you need.

img 0229

Neighbor Stan leaves his mark.

img 0267

And son, Calvin, leaves his. Sigh.

img 0271

True beauty is measured by the character within. Bryce Hieber (Drew’s friend)

img 0250

Those who love, hope. Bryce again.

img 0273

More from Bryce. There are actually about 30 more from Bryce…he had fun with the pencils.

img 0272

Winning makes you happy, losing makes you stronger. Drew S.

img 0253

It’s not a purse. It’s a satchel. Indiana Jones has one. Drew S. (Drew had fun with the pencils too.)

img 0224

Our first artwork above the fireplace.

img 0225

img 0226

img 0489

This screw was put in in 1895! And then right below it was this one…

img 0490

The fact was a lie.

img 0223

Caricature from Uncle Lee. Premonition?


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