Alex’s Sketchbook

You’ve all seen the sketchbook that I created for the Art House Co-op’s annual program to be catalogued in the Brooklyn Art Library. If you missed that project, you can see it here.

The latest, more exciting news on this is that my very creative daughter, Alex, also created a sketchbook. She sent me a few images of it recently and I was blown away. It is stunning!

Before I share the photos, here’s what Alex had to say about her inspiration for the piece.

My inspiration started with some fantastic paper that I received as a gift from my mom’s friends. Some had dragons and unicorns on it and that made me think of the little princess in me that always wanted to be everything growing up. She still dreams of the possibility to grow a mermaid’s tail or sprout fairy wings. The sketchbook combines my past fantasies (the pictures) with my current desires (the quotes.) A story of a princess becoming a queen!

Here you go! (Please feel free to click on the pictures below if you’d like to see them slightly larger.)

Before image.


Completed cover image.


Completed book. Surprise! It turns into a star when the covers are folded together.


First spread in the book. “I feel infinite.”


First spread completed and anchored in the book.


As an aside, here is a picture of Alex growing her mermaid tail for real!

Second spread in process. “Spinning, laughing, dancing…a little girl with nothing wrong.”


And completed in the book.


Last time I’ll do this to her, but here is a picture of Alex as a little girl in her pink tutu with her matching black socks. Now you might have a bit more insight into the image above. 🙂

scan0003 2 - copy

The next spread in her sketchbook. “Don’t change her, don’t analyze her, don’t expect more than she can give. She’s not perfect, but if she loves you now, what else matters?” ~Bob Marley


Completed in the book.


Butterfly spread. “In our minds we tried to pin her to a corkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through…and away she flew.”




Next spread. “Do one thing every day that SCARES you.”




Gypsy spread. “I was your gypsy throwing diamonds at your feet.” ~Michelle Branch


As part of the book.


Last spread.




Completed April 2012. Mixed-media including paper, acrylic paint, fabric, and found objects. 


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