Up To Speed – Take Two

Written August 31, 2012 I know. It’s been awhile. I had a really promising streak of ‘a blog a day’ and then life took over yet again and off we went on a wild ride. First, we traveled to Wisconsin for a lovely family wedding. Here are a few photos of us looking spiffy for a day. Of course nobody is looking at the camera and everyone is being a nut, but that’s family for you. I cannot tell you how well these photos sum up our family. Calvin stiff as a… Read More

Never Say Never

Written on August 10, 2012 by Ellen and Joel – a joint effort You know all of those times when you say something that is outside your current realm of possibility and someone warns, “Well, never say never”? Sometimes you can reply with complete confidence that it will indeed never ever EVER happen. For example, “I, Ellen, will never sky dive.” Trust me. It will never happen. It takes a few minutes off my life every time I even think about it. I try not to. And then there are times when… Read More

A Few Little Perks

August 10, 2012 There’s nothing like a few loose ends getting tied up to spruce up the place and offer a little hope. A couple of those shifts brought us some new experts to add to our team. Paul Hurley refinishes woodwork. Hey, we have some of that! Remember that cute little hutch in the kitchen that was painted white along with its nearby door frame? This will refresh your memory and mine too! I hunted for these pictures and nearly fell over at how different the kitchen looks and feels from… Read More

Where were you on the afternoon of Saturday, August 4th?

August 7, 2012 We were in the garage (actually, the potential/future garage) that for the past several months has been the repository for all items exiting the main house that needed to be saved. Or so we thought. Some of those things really did need to be saved, like great doors and awesome woodwork and picture rails and all of that. Other things were saved because we couldn’t process their need in the moment so off they went to the garage. Things like cabinets pulled from somewhere I can’t remember and miscellaneous… Read More

Joel Sucked Up St. Joe

August 6, 2012 Yeah. You heard me. There’s no other way to say it. Joel, in his frenzy of drywall-dust vacuuming, sucked up St. Joe with the shop vac. He knew it. Joe put up a good fight as he flew through the tube. Joel panicked and then thought, “No need to worry. I’ll get him out when I clean out the vacuum.” And then he forgot. He got busy with more vacuuming and then emptied the shop vac into the garbage bin. The next day he remembered and ran back out… Read More

Up To Speed

July 25, 2012 I just spent a wonderfully relaxing week with my daughter, Alexandra, in Boulder, Colorado. It was a wonderful respite from the house renovation and a perfect mother-daughter connecting time. Believe it or not, things continued to progress on the new house renovation despite my absence and that of my trusty clipboard. The biggest change was that drywall was completed save for a small punch list of callback items. Missing the sanding part of the drywall process was a delightful perk for me. I would have dreaded seeing the dusting… Read More

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