Up To Speed

July 25, 2012

I just spent a wonderfully relaxing week with my daughter, Alexandra, in Boulder, Colorado. It was a wonderful respite from the house renovation and a perfect mother-daughter connecting time.

Believe it or not, things continued to progress on the new house renovation despite my absence and that of my trusty clipboard. The biggest change was that drywall was completed save for a small punch list of callback items.

Missing the sanding part of the drywall process was a delightful perk for me. I would have dreaded seeing the dusting of ‘snow’ in every single room. Joel on the other hand, relished another reason to vacuum so had it all cleaned up upon my return. He took a couple of photos of the mess which don’t quite show it to its proper extent, but you’ll get the idea of the ‘footprints in the snow’ theme. He also took a video of the sanding process with Shirtless Guy doing the work. I am a little sad I missed that bit of the process.

2012-07-20 11.34.42

2012-07-20 11.35.04

Drywall done meant priming and painting could commence, the subfloors for tile could be laid, wood floors could be patched, and wiring and duct work could move to the next step. In other words, my clipboard is back in business. HOWEVER, before I show you all of the awesome progress since my return, I’m sharing with you rare video footage of the full house in its state before I left. We’ve been taking full-tour videos of the house throughout this process with the intention of stringing them all together at some point for a fast-motion, full-deal video, but I thought you might like a sneak peek so you can officially appreciate the upcoming shifts.

The videos come to you in six segments, each a couple of minutes long (it’s a big house and I talk too much.) You can click on the first one below and it will open in a new window. Then you can return to this home page to click on the next one in the series OR you can just keep moving ahead when in YouTube. See what works best for you.

House video 1 – Foyer then upstairs to Offices, Master Bedroom, and Guest Bedroom

House video 2 – Hallway Bath, Laundry Room, and Back Bedroom

House video 3 – Attic

House video 4 – Back Staircase, Pantry, Kitchen, Dining Room, Den and Living Room

House video 5 – The Basement! Yikes!

House video 6 – Garage


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