Written December 8, 2012 A very simple room that we mostly just pass through on the way to the garage or the basement or the back stairway. As a result we forget all that went into its renovation.  A view of the room looking from the kitchen to the back garage door. Why, hello Calvin. External piping was removed. Advertisements

The Kitchen

Written December 8, 2012 The kitchen took a great deal of our attention these past several months. It was a virtually gutted room when we started – a blank slate, so to speak – so it had a lot of design potential. In other words, it had a great deal of tear down, clean up, and rebuilding going on throughout the process. Never a dull moment in this space. I think I can safely say that every single contractor touched some aspect of the kitchen, so we have a final product that… Read More

Dining Room

December 5, 2012 The next stop on our first-floor roundabout tour is the dining room. As with every other room in the house, this one’s ceiling was torn up a bit for some duct work. Not a big loss given that half of it was already falling down. While we were at it, we had the wiring for the chandelier moved over a bit so it would be centered on the dining room table. And yes, that lovely, but very dusty, chandelier was polished up, rewired, and rehung. Perhaps the dining room… Read More

Living Room

Written December 4, 2012 You’ve entered the front door and admired the staircase. Now turn right and voila! The living room. The view used to be this. And now the view is this.

The Foyer

Written December 2, 2012 Welcome! This is the view when you enter the front door of our home. It moves us now and it moved us when we walked in for the very first time. There was a lot more dust back then as well as a neglected paint job, a broken radiator, a closed-up hallway, and ugly carpeting, BUT we knew we had a winner. There was tons of wood that had miraculously never been painted and a stairway that curved up to the second floor. Perfect.

Before, During, and After

Written November 25, 2012 It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged about the house renovation. In fact, it’s been so long that I’m sure you’ve all moved on to other things. You had to. You have lives. We understand that. We just could not write sooner. We were truly exhausted after pushing to the finish line so we could move in. The moving process itself was an added blast of awareness and recovery took far longer than we anticipated. ‘Far longer than anticipated’ is a theme we’ve come to grow and love…or tolerate…or… Read More

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