Before, During, and After

Written November 25, 2012

It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged about the house renovation. In fact, it’s been so long that I’m sure you’ve all moved on to other things. You had to. You have lives. We understand that. We just could not write sooner. We were truly exhausted after pushing to the finish line so we could move in. The moving process itself was an added blast of awareness and recovery took far longer than we anticipated. ‘Far longer than anticipated’ is a theme we’ve come to grow and love…or tolerate…or chuckle about on occasion.

We’re still a little numb, but definitely feel settled and most importantly, we feel like we’re home. Rudy and Roxy have finally adjusted as well. We underestimated their confusion and anxiety with the move. They spent the first couple of weeks following us everywhere we went, up and down stairs, bumping into us if we turned around too quickly. Each time we passed remotely close to a doorway they would stop and eagerly look at us asking, “So NOW are we going home?” They weren’t quite sure where to sleep at night or which dog bowl was which. The majority of floors being hardwood rather than carpet wreaked havoc on old Rudy’s hips as well as our sanity with Roxy’s tick-tick-ticking toenails echoing throughout the house. BUT all has settled on the dog front at this point too. Roxy has taken up watch on the furniture near windows to keep the home’s perimeters guarded and Rudy has found the most padded spots for her frequent naps.

img 1966

img 1997

So if it’s not too late, we’re ready to show you the final product. ‘Final’ of course, is said with a fair amount of knowledge that renovation of a 100-year-old house is never really complete. Those who know remind us of this regularly. I argue that owning a home – any home – is its own project always in process and so we’re not too daunted by this one’s ongoing needs. So even though we have these awesome stickers proving that we’re officially done with all of the hullabaloo of serious renovation, we’ll keep it real and call this unveiling The Current Stage of Final.

img 1880

If needed, please click the ‘next’ link below to start making your way through each room of the house starting with the foyer. Please note that we waited so long to show you these photos that you’ll see our Christmas decorations in place. Honestly, where does the time go? Feliz Navidad!


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