The Half Bathroom

Written January 18, 2013 The extended Sauer family cherishes their former Kaukauna, Wisconsin homestead – the big, old house on the hill along the banks of the Fox River. One of the memorialized features of that house is the tiny, half bathroom under the front stairs – just barely enough room for a toilet and an undersized sink. The door opened even the slightest crack would bump the knees of the sitting occupant. And once my friend Kelly, quite pregnant with her second child, wedged her way in there with her 3-year… Read More

The Den

Written January 18, 2013

The den has turned into one of our favorite, most-frequented rooms. We hoped for that and designed it around that idea, but to have it officially manifest that way deemed all of that planning a smashing success. Opening it up to the kitchen was one of the most major changes we made in the overall project and we grappled for quite some time about whether or not that update, a wall removal, shifted the integrity of the house too much.

The design of earlier homes was structured around the need to section off areas of a house both for heating and privacy issues, hence the propensity of smaller rooms with a boxier feel and LOTS of doors. These days we tend to lean toward open areas and rooms that flow from one to the next for entertaining and more spacious living. We loved the history of it all, but darn it, we wanted to live in this place for years to come so in this instance, modern needs edged out authenticity. 

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