Spending Time

Written March 28, 2013 My brother-in-law, Lee, is an artist, a caricaturist, a writer, a handyman, a father, and the Recyclone in days gone by. He’s also a poet. On Monday he realized that he had missed his mother’s 82nd birthday and so did what all kids do in a pinch. He self-crafted a gift, this time in the form of one of his famous poems. (He’s also famous for his popsicle stick birdhouses, on-the-spot caricatures, and homemade cards that put Hallmark to shame.) This piece was particularly poignant for me because… Read More

I’m a Frida Freak

Written March 19, 2013 OK, so let’s talk Frida for a minute. It’s not hard these days to find images of Frida and her artwork. She has become a household name. Back a few years, I used to have to explain her by saying, “You know, she’s the artist with the thick unibrow who frequently painted self-portraits.” Not so much anymore. Now you can get Frida packaged in just about any product you’d like. Did you say you wanted a pair of Frida Converse tennis shoes? Got that. How about a skin… Read More

In Summary…Do It With Joy

Written March 15, 2013 This week I chose to bring JOY to the forefront via my Monday blog, Do It With Joy. On Facebook I shared my Sketchbook Project Dream Journal which was an absolute delight to create primarily because I had no expectations or connection to its outcome. Rather I just followed its flow and watched where it took me which is one of many definitions of joy in my book. I also shared two people who have chosen to live joy-filled lives. Tim Harris simply embodies joy with each hug he offers his customers, and Susan… Read More

Do It With Joy

Written March 11, 2013 Earlier this year as I was revamping my work life and getting back on my creative track, I attended a workshop called Making It Happen presented by a dear friend of mine, Cheryl Spieth Gardiner. Cheryl is a life coach, an artist, and a teacher, but even as I write that I realize these roles don’t quite give you a good summary of her. To be more descriptive, Cheryl’s one of those people who livens you – she warms the space you’re in, makes you feel like you’re… Read More

Artista Elena

Posted March 8, 2013, Created April 2009 This was one of the most enjoyable afternoons ever spent creating. My dear friend, Lily Susan Lash, was experimenting with her awesome photographic ideas. She wanted to explore the idea of capturing the essence of someone who had taken on the persona of someone with whom they connected. I, of course, was all for this idea and eagerly agreed to be a guinea pig. Frida was a wildly creative artist who was never afraid to look directly at and into herself. Or rather, if she… Read More

In Summary…Life is an Experience, Not a Performance

Written March 8, 2013 So how exactly do we experience life rather than perform it? In classic In Summary… style, I offer you a bullet list of learnings from this week’s writings and artwork that helped me connect some of the key ingredients. Move forward even when the path isn’t clear. After some soul-searching for this week’s blog post, I remembered that taking a risk is the best way to focus. Some people take risks by sky diving. I do it by publicly committing to a weekly blog and social media expansion…. Read More

This is an Experience, Not a Performance

Written March 4, 2013 I just stumbled upon a great article, Stop Focusing on Your Performance, by Peter Bregman. It pretty much sums up the worry I’ve been having about my recent commitments to writing and creating and, more truthfully, announcing those commitments to the world via this beast we call Social Media. There is definitely a tendency or desire to figure everything out BEFORE sharing it with the world. We like to plan it fully with each step an accomplishment before it’s even taken. We hope that by the time anyone… Read More

Key to the Stars

  This piece was created in March 2007 and framed prints were gifted to each new Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity homeowner in the two years that followed. The letter below accompanied the gift.  “When I first became involved with Habitat for Humanity, I was overwhelmed with the lengthy, difficult journey that each partner family had traveled in reaching the point of purchasing their home.  I was also overwhelmed with the impact the new home would have on their lives – such a wonderful beginning of a dream with so much to… Read More

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