The Third-Floor Apartment…I Mean, The Attic

Written April 19, 2013 We often make the mistake of calling the third floor the ‘apartment’. If we don’t catch it ourselves, Joel is quick to do so for us, saying “It’s the attic, not an apartment.” He doesn’t want Drew to get any ideas that he lives in his own abode, but rather is still a part of our household. Good point. No worries though. Drew loves his third-floor space, but he also spends plenty of time downstairs with his loving parents. This is at least until the fall when he… Read More

Guest Bedroom and Half Bath LOL

Written April 18, 2013 This little bedroom and adjacent half bath started out life a little rough. Vision came in handy once again. Here’s one before picture to give you an idea. Whoa, right? Don’t worry, now it looks like this. Another view, this time from the doorway looking at the awesome threesome of windows. And after. But why Half Bath LOL, Ellen? Well, this bedroom had a little half bath attached. Again, a little rough to start, but ended up AOK. The other half of that tiny bath was the back… Read More

The Back Guest Bedroom

Written April 18, 2013 This room and the garage below it was added about 50 years after the house was built. I’m totally making that time frame up. Joel isn’t home and he’s the keeper of all things historical. Let’s just go with it, OK? I love this room. It has three large windows – newer ones which seal really nicely and open without weights and pulleys – that offer a perfect view of the tree-filled sky, rooftops, and neighbors’ yards. I probably sound a little like Mrs. Cravitz (from Bewitched…who’s with… Read More

Time To Do Laundry

Written April 18, 2013 The Reader’s Digest version is this: two closets became one laundry room. Yep. Here’s one of them. Here’s the other one. (Not the whole room…just that closet with the desk in it in the back of the photo.) And here’s Calvin taking the wall down between them. It looked like this most of the summer, various things stored and shifted around. Then about 30 things happened at once toward the end of the process and it came out looking like this. My favorite thing (after the bright sunny… Read More

The Hallway Bathroom

Written April 17, 2013 This was the bathroom that we were going to leave alone. Not too bad. Save this project for another day and another budget, right? Then we found out that the lead pipes encased in concrete had burst and that ‘next project’ plan came crashing down as did the marble walls, the cement floor, the vintage tile, the ceiling, the pipes…ugh. Hang on a minute. You go check out the Lead Pipes blog. I have to put my head between my knees for a few breaths. OK, so after tear… Read More

The Master Bathroom

Written April 16, 2013 The master bathroom transformation is definitely worth writing home about. If someone hadn’t told me that a bedroom could be made into a closet and bathroom, I never would have thought to do it. I have a lot of vision, but this one made me work overtime. Here is a series of photos taken from the door we cut in the adjacent master bedroom wall so it could open to the soon-to-be bath and closet area. That closet above eventually became the back of the laundry room. You… Read More

The Master Bedroom

Written April 16, 2013 The master bedroom wasn’t a very dramatic shift. Nothing to write home about, as they say, but here I am writing about it. The biggest excitement came when we put a door in the wall so the adjacent bedroom could become our master bathroom. Nice to have a short and sweet blog with only pictures, yes?

The Sacred Hallway

Written April 16, 2013 Do you remember the movie, The Shining? I actually never saw it because I don’t enjoy movies that terrify me. Joel did see it however and the images in it came back loud and clear when we first laid eyes on the upstairs hallway. Only 3 feet wide, 28 feet long, and 10 plus feet tall, it was a little confining. And it was institutional grey. Blah. We had hundreds of hours of discussion about whether or not to buy this house. The busy street, the amount of… Read More

Our Offices

Written April 15, 2013 We realized right away that we would have plenty of bedrooms for our needs, so we turned the rooms at the front of the house into our offices. We figured the traffic noise that could be a bother while sleeping wouldn’t really bug us during the day. It gave Joel a bit of trouble early on since he talks on the phone quite a bit, but once we got the storm windows in place, the traffic was muffled and things settled. As for Roxy barking during phone calls,… Read More

A Treatise on Banister Repair

Written April 15, 2013 In the previous article, Let’s Go Upstairs, you got a glimpse of the banister that was replaced. David Griggs, the master craftsman who did this fine job, agreed to take some more detailed pictures of his process in his work space than I was able to capture at home. Thanks, David!! There were three main parts of this restoration process. First, the handrail. If you recall, the entire banister had been removed and replaced with a divider unit, separating the downstairs from the upstairs to make it a two-family… Read More

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