Michael Mettler

Written April 3, 2013

Michael started his art life as a painter, but moved into photography after an early morning trek to Swinney Park years ago. He captured images that day that took his own breath away and thus ultimately changed the trajectory of his life’s work.

I met Michael a few years after moving to Fort Wayne when I went to an art class that changed the trajectory of MY life. He instantly welcomed me and has encouraged my creativity every step of the way.

His photos have always been stunning. A few years ago after an awakening experience with lung cancer, his work deepened and expanded, literally becoming three dimensional layers. This combination of approaches makes his work absolutely breathtaking.

Joel and I went ‘shopping’ in his living room which serves as his showroom as well. What a treat! It was a tad overwhelming since we loved so many. We decided to stick with a local theme and thus came home with the following pieces.

Winter Pause combines the New Haven Train Depot with a modern locomotive blowing through the snow on the nearby tracks. This venue was a stone’s throw from our previous New Haven home. Throughout the years we lived there we watched while some very dedicated folks raised the needed money to restore the depot according to historical standards. It’s beautiful now in its newness as is this photo of its origins.

michael depot

Keeping with the train theme in the foyer, Radiant Path, found its way onto the easel. This view is very near the New Haven train depot shared above.

michael tracks

We chose two beauties from the gorgeous Lakeside Park just a few blocks from Joel’s childhood home – the colonnade view and that of the well-known dome.

michael lakeside column

michael lakeside dome

And the pièce de résistance, Silence. This bridge in the Japanese Garden at Swinney Park is part of our new neighborhood and where we walk Rudy and Roxy nearly every day. He managed to capture this simple space in an early morning fog, a serene vision that few people have probably witnessed. This is a 3-D sculpture that sits atop our mantle with my Buddha goddess bust (from Goodwill) meditating next to it.

michael silence

Michael shared yet another piece with us during the 2013 West Central Home and Garden Tour. It is Relatedness – a gorgeous, 3-D creation of his tree photograph he took when in Guatemala. This was hanging in the front foyer of our home and made people stop dead in their tracks to take it in. Breathtaking!

img 3230

We are honored to own a piece of Michael’s work as well. It’s wonderful to have a piece that stays around as all of his other beauties come and go!

img 3552

Since my images are marginal and do not do his work justice, you have to visit his Smug Mug gallery of work.

To read a cool newspaper article about him, click here.


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