Guest Bedroom and Half Bath LOL

Written April 18, 2013

This little bedroom and adjacent half bath started out life a little rough. Vision came in handy once again. Here’s one before picture to give you an idea.

y - second floor 63red

Whoa, right? Don’t worry, now it looks like this.

img 2493

Another view, this time from the doorway looking at the awesome threesome of windows.

y - second floor 64red

And after.

img 2492

But why Half Bath LOL, Ellen? Well, this bedroom had a little half bath attached. Again, a little rough to start, but ended up AOK.

img 1174

img 2495

The other half of that tiny bath was the back of the linen closet that opened to the hallway. An initial idea was to put in a stand-up shower to make it a full bath and lose the linen closet. Just fahgetaboutit! But then we second guessed that plan and decided we just didn’t need another full bathroom, so went back to a half bath setup maintaining the linen closet. That plan stayed in place until about the last second when I returned to my initial gut feeling (always return to your initial gut feeling…better yet, never leave it) and added the stand-up shower.

Well, all this time, the plumbers who had a few different plumbing tasks going on in this place had been referring to this bathroom as the half bath. When I did the change up on them, they would awkwardly refer to it as ‘the half bath…oh wait, I mean the bathroom with the stand-up shower that used to be the half bath’. At some point Sean shortened it to its official title of ‘half bath LOL’ and that’s what we call it to this day.

Here are three pictures – a before with the back of the linen closet intact, during with the closet removed, and after with the shower in place.

y - second floor 65red

img 1172

img 2496

And above the shower stall is a secret hideaway for an attic water heater. Surprise!

img 2497

Here is the view from the hallway side moving from initial linen closet, to wide open, to current.

img 0058

img 1170

img 2470red

The floor of this cute little bathroom used the salvaged floor tile from the hallway bath. Do you remember these hexagons that I was trying desperately to save before we had to knock them out?

img 0402

When Tim the Tile Guy told me he would happily reuse them, I lugged them home (our old home where there was running water) and scrubbed them up, separating them into buckets of ‘in great shape’, ‘OK for partial use’, and ‘scraps’.

img 1479

We salvaged enough with a few to spare! Mission accomplished!

img 2498

I’m still pretty psyched about this salvaged floor!


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