The Hallway Bathroom

Written April 17, 2013

This was the bathroom that we were going to leave alone. Not too bad. Save this project for another day and another budget, right?

img 0051

Then we found out that the lead pipes encased in concrete had burst and that ‘next project’ plan came crashing down as did the marble walls, the cement floor, the vintage tile, the ceiling, the pipes…ugh. Hang on a minute. You go check out the Lead Pipes blog. I have to put my head between my knees for a few breaths.

OK, so after tear down it looked like this for a good long while.

img 0401

You know in those makeover photos when the ‘before’ picture has the person not only without their new hairdo and makeup, but also looking worn out and miserably sad so much so that you know they’ve manipulated the photo to make you really appreciate the ‘after’ phase? Not so with this before photo. This one is truly miserable and in fact the picture just doesn’t begin to demonstrate it fully. The truth is I still get a little weak in the knees and at times slightly nauseous with the visual memory of where we started and the progression to where we are now.

After a few months of hurrying by this room, trying hard not to make more insulation fall from above or plaster chips crumble from the walls,  I FINALLY came out of the denial stage and faced the fact that we had to figure out this bathroom’s design. So one Sunday afternoon, dear Ann came over and we tossed around all sorts of tile colors and configurations and figured it out. BIG sigh of relief. What was possibly the worst room in the house has turned into one of our favorites. I still get a little lightheaded when we explain the process to people, but it’s getting a little less so every day which is nice.

So, here’s the bathroom now.

img 2485

The toilet is new, of course, but the sink and mirror are the same one that was there. It’s amazing what a little Goof Off and a new faucet can do.

img 2486

The original cast-iron tub got a reglazing job which was a cool progression. Yes, this is indeed the same tub that Leith muscled out of place and laid on its side in the back bedroom for the summer. Then Sean, Doug and Steve put back in. Unbelievable!

img 0513

img 0866

img 0867

Below are a few pictures of its reglazing progression.

img 1758

img 1759

img 1761

img 1763

img 1764

img 2487

So when you visit, be sure to hang out in the hallway bathroom for awhile and fully appreciate that it has walls without lead pipes and a floor that is not wide open to the kitchen below!


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