The Master Bathroom

Written April 16, 2013

The master bathroom transformation is definitely worth writing home about. If someone hadn’t told me that a bedroom could be made into a closet and bathroom, I never would have thought to do it. I have a lot of vision, but this one made me work overtime.

Here is a series of photos taken from the door we cut in the adjacent master bedroom wall so it could open to the soon-to-be bath and closet area.

img 0052

That closet above eventually became the back of the laundry room. You can see the start of that process in the photo below.

img 0797

img 0863

img 1106

The framed area above, eventually drywalled below, is now our master closet.

img 1137

img 1399

img 1514

img 1587

img 2043

Another series of pictures taken from the opposite side of the room looking back at the door to the bedroom.

img 0054

img 0529

Masks, anyone?

img 0534

Those two doors to the hallway were eventually closed up. At some point, this bedroom was two rooms.

img 1107

img 1122

img 1138

img 2479

And a few photos taken from the windows.

y - second floor 74

img 0758

 img 1139

img 1554

The shower stall and left sink area are where the two doors to the hallway used to be.

img 2044

The shower was an adventure in design. Thanks to Tim Birkmeier’s skill, of course, but also his patience as I sorted it all out. No matter what I came up with he said, “Sure, I can do that.” Nice.

img 0793

Who knew a few two-by-fours can make the base of a shower? Wild!

img 1382

Putting down the cement for the tile board.

img 1383

That pink layer is waterproofing. That’s a good thing in a shower.

img 1400

img 1401

img 1753

img 1754

img 1756

img 1676

The two shelves before above and after below.

img 2480

img 2481

I couldn’t resist using these Celtic knot accent tiles. They coordinated with my Celtic knot drawer pulls. Yeah, I like Celtic knots. Some day I’ll show you my tattoo.

img 2483

And one bonus shot: the closet. Pretty exciting indeed.

img 2046


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