In Summary…We Are Responsible for Our Own Balance

Written May 24, 2013 I started this week with the quest for maintaining balance as I move more fully into the world with my creative career. My initial blog, Insights on Balance, helped me work through my initial worries and conclude that maintaining balance is about choice. When an opportunity or a calling is in front of me and it resonates with me and feels like ‘mine’, then I say yes. Saying yes to these choices can only lead to balance because I will be following my own flow. Equally important is… Read More

Creativity…the Road of the Unknown

Written May 22, 2013 by Beverly Rieger I am a musician.  Over the last 7 years I have created and published almost 50 albums of music in CD form, and another series of albums and individual pieces in download form.  This is a lot of music. What does that level of creativity do to or for my personal life?  Sometimes I identify myself only as the amount of “creative work” that comes forth, or the amount of albums that are sold. Sometimes I get so caught up in the excitement of new… Read More

Insights on Balance

Written May 20, 2013 There’s always a lot of talk about maintaining balance in life, that is, ensuring that things are settled and even within oneself. In my world, I feel most balanced when I have enough alone time to do my inner work and take care of my physical body, with enough family and friend time to feel like I’ve connected with those I love, AND a dose of work time to move toward something of purpose. Although I’m in a place of balance now, it hasn’t always been the case…. Read More

In Summary…Don’t Forget to Connect Inwardly Too

Written May 16, 2013 My proposition to all of you this week was to recognize the beauty in all forms of connecting, specifically social media forms and live-and-in-person forms, and focus on doing only one at a time. My theory is that we water down the positive qualities of each by mixing the two and we enhance the essence of each by giving our full attention instead. You can read the full blog, Wanna Chat?, here. My friend, Cheryl Gardiner, took this concept a step further in her follow-up blog, Connecting Consciously… Read More

Connecting, Consciously and with Heart

Written May 16, 2013 by Cheryl Spieth Gardiner “Connection: the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” Brene’ Brown Thanks for the invitation to blog, Ellen! To share a little secret with you all: Ellen said I could talk about anything as long as I do it from my heart.  So, this is right from my heart reaching out to yours – a heartfelt connection. The connections that we… Read More

Wanna Chat?

May 13, 2013 I love social media. Being a person who sees connectivity in everything, social media is like a superweb of being connected, with thin, but strong strands stretching from me to an infinite number of endpoints. A lot of people complain about its superficiality, but I don’t see it that way. I really do love knowing that my high school friend is celebrating that her twin daughters passed their drivers’ tests or that my cousin is enjoying a rare sunny day in Seattle or that my siblings are delighting in… Read More

In Summary…It’s OK to be an Empath

Written May 9, 2013 Delving into grief is a brave thing to do. Sometimes it engulfs us and we have no choice but to sit in the middle of it for however long it takes. Brave. Sometimes as it’s starting to be a little less intense, we delve in anyway to really grab all of its lessons, feel them to the core, and share them with others. Brave. And sometimes, we visit grief with others – sitting with them in their sadness, saying just the right thing, or the wrong thing, or… Read More

The Difference of One

Written May 8, 2013 by Jane Valentine I just returned from a memorial service for a friend.   I knew Andy through friends.  I did not know him well personally, but I had a sense of his soul.   I listened as co-workers, friends and family told stories.  How loved this man was.  How he was really noticed.  How his life made such a difference Driving home I could not resist rolling the windows down all the way and letting the warm May air flow through my hair.  Feeling grateful for life and for… Read More

Big White

Written May 6, 2013 I was blindsided by grief. I knew it was going to be rough. I just didn’t anticipate the enormity of the loss for me. I know…it’s just a dog, it will get easier as time goes on, she was so sick that there was no question it was time and no worries that we did the right thing, and all that. I’ve heard it all. From me mostly, out loud as well as my inner voice. The thing is, it didn’t put a dent in handling the grief…. Read More

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