Why ‘In Summary…’?

I’m an organizer, a planner, a whittle-through-the-muck-to-find-the-bottom-line kind of person. In essence, I’m a summarizer. Most of my conversations end with, “OK, in summary…” with the main outcomes highlighted and the action points delegated. For example, a recent 60-minute conversation with my sister ended with, “In summary…we think the reversal of the DOMA was a very good thing, only one pasta salad is needed at the party on Saturday, you’re going to call Mom’s hairdresser, and I’ll email everyone to let them know my arrival time next Friday. Love you. Bye!” Someday… Read More

Koi by Regina Leffers

Written July 4, 2013 With this gorgeous painting and poignant writing, Regina Leffers shares how she has worked through the difficulties of change using her creativity. “For 36 years now, I have used the practice of painting to help myself move through change. Some of that change has felt uncomfortable to me. Other change has felt sweet and easy for me, but uncomfortable for others. Usually, it isn’t that clear though. Life presents challenges with change that evoke feelings of distress for all of us, and it doesn’t seem to depend upon the… Read More

In Summary…Change Comes From Within and Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Written July 5, 2013 This week I touched just a bit on the surface of change. I offered a hint of how I think about things with the treatise on social change based loosely on the Theory of Spiral Dynamics. It’s no secret that I find this theory fascinating. A few words of wisdom have resonated deeply with me to bring home my feelings that change is an internal thing first and foremost. The saying “Be the change you want to see in the world” has been heard so many times, but… Read More

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Mosaic

Written August 20, 2013 A month and a half ago my laptop was run over by our minivan. It was a short series of missteps leading to a crunch that rendered me instantly untethered to the world of internet connections. Blogging, facebooking, pinteresting, emailing, Skyping – they were all set aside until I could sort out what machine would be my new BFF in the work world. This was a daunting task for me. Have you been to Best Buy lately? While I was holed up in my office for the past… Read More

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