When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Mosaic

Written August 20, 2013

A month and a half ago my laptop was run over by our minivan. It was a short series of missteps leading to a crunch that rendered me instantly untethered to the world of internet connections. Blogging, facebooking, pinteresting, emailing, Skyping – they were all set aside until I could sort out what machine would be my new BFF in the work world. This was a daunting task for me. Have you been to Best Buy lately? While I was holed up in my office for the past two years using some awesome technology, lots more was being created with touchscreens and new operating systems and flippable monitors. This was a whole lot of information to sift through and my brain could only handle bits and pieces at a time, so I let it go and stopped fretting about it.

I made a wall mosaic over our kitchen sink instead. This had been on my to-do list since we purchased the house and designed the kitchen only to realize that we were going to be staring at a wall whenever we stood at the sink. Bo-ring, right? Joel came up with the theme of Fort Wayne’s three rivers and off I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

And of course, I captured the process in photos for your viewing pleasure. Here is the rough design laid out on my work table.

img 3081


My supplies lined up on the counter, ready to give this a whirl.

img 3091

Below is a blank slate photo followed by one with the river template in place. The design is based directly on the true city map with the St. Mary’s River coming in from the southwest or left on the photo. The St. Joe comes in from the north just right of the faucet and joins up with the St. Mary’s. They form the Maumee River which runs east to Ohio or to the right on this photo.

img 3092

img 3093

A series of photos showing the river tiling bit by bit.

img 3096

img 3097

img 3098

img 3099

img 3100

img 3102

Now adding the rivers’ shores.

img 3103

img 3104

img 3105

img 3106

img 3107

Adding the remainder of the piece via river stones, glass, and various objects found in the house during our restoration process.

img 3109

img 3110

img 3111

img 3123

img 3124

The found objects were gathered together by us as well as by the contractors throughout the renovation. I have a huge pail full of stuff thanks to them, but here are a few close-ups of the things we used.

A radiator cap from one of the many cast iron radiators removed from the house.

img 3117

Keys – skeleton and more modern varieties.

img 3133

img 3120

Knobs and tubes from the first wiring system.

img 3121

img 3126

img 3132

Fuses from wiring systems added in more recent years.  The orange fuse represents Fort Wayne’s city center on the map.

img 3116

img 3129

img 3130

Goofy things found in the walls during tear down.

img 3127

img 3119

The call button found in the kitchen floor.

img 3125

One of many solid pipe fittings…

img 3115

…and one of the many beast nails from days gone by.

img 3118

And a few extra touches of my own – a green monopoly house to show where our house would fall on the map and a goddess pendant blessing our home.

img 3112

img 3114

More concentrated green glass and stone depict some of the many parks along the rivers.  These are difficult to see in pictures, but they’re there all the same. Hopefully you can stop on by sometime and catch a glimpse of it all in person. We are relishing it every day, enjoying our dishwashing fully. (OK, that last bit is not true at all, but it seemed like a snappy closing, yes?)


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