Aging Gracefully

Written October 17, 2013 Somewhere along the line I stopped exercising so I looked as good as possible in a bathing suit and started exercising so I don’t get osteoporosis. I honestly don’t know when this shift happened, but I love it. Who cares about that mirror image if I can still do down dog and ride my bike when I’m 90, right? And I love the whole idea of caring more about my bones, my inner self, than how I appear to others.    There have been other shifts that have… Read More

A Note about these House Blogs

These house blogs made a lot of sense when posted one at a time in order, but now that there are a jumble of them together, they’re a little less organized. If you just want to shop around and peruse here and there, you can scroll down through the articles here (or enter into your browser.) If you happen to be one of the few who wants to see the full McCoy, click here for the beginning of our summer of 2012. (or you can enter into your browser.) Happy reading!!

Kurt’s Tree

Written October 10, 2013 One of the toughest parts of moving from one home to another is leaving behind the things you cannot pack in a suitcase. For us those were the wall of incremental height markings chronicling Drew’s growth from 3’ 3” to 5’ 10” and the array of nicks and scratches on walls and floors, each with their own infuriating, yet now amusing story of how they came to be. Also not in the suitcase was the awesome deck surrounded by a perfectly orchestrated choir of perennials, 12 years in… Read More

Then and Now

Written October 8, 2013 We are still basking in the afterglow of our West Central Home and Garden Tour experience. We still marvel at the relative ease with which nearly 1500 people passed through our home and chalk it up to a well-oiled machine created by a seasoned group of tour organizers. We’re still relishing the positive feedback the visitors offered that reaffirmed all that we love about our abode. And we continue to be energized by neighborhood pride and camaraderie, during Tour time and always. The Tour took place nearly one… Read More

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