Cheryl Spieth-Gardiner

Written November 6, 2013 My friend, Cheryl, is one of those people that can add several different descriptors after her name and shift between and among them all with ease – Life Coach, University Professor, Business Owner, Lifelong Learner to name a few. For the next couple of months, however, she is Artist in our house. She offered a few of her most treasured pieces for us to hang on our walls and soak in for awhile. Speaking Truth hangs in our dining room bringing together the entire color palette of the first… Read More

Diane Schafer-King

Written November 5, 2013 Diane is a Master Marbler. I don’t know if she gives herself this title, but it seems accurate to me. She’s poured herself into this medium for the past 20 years – practicing it, demonstrating it, teaching it. The creations that float in the water bath and ultimately onto the finished product are complex and breathtaking. The process of marbling is fascinating. You can read a bit about this unique medium here or hear her talk about her passion for it here. I have purchased pieces of her marbled paper to… Read More

Lee and Avrie Sauer

Written November 5, 2013 When I asked all of the artists I knew if they were interested in having a piece of their work hang in our home for the 2013 West Central Home and Garden Tour, I was pleased as could be that my very creative brother-in-law, Lee, joined in the party. Lee is one of those Renaissance people who is so creative it pours out every area of his life – drawing caricatures; painting; writing children’s books, history books, and poetry; storytelling; woodworking; renovating his home; fathering his three daughters…need… Read More

Rebekah and Bryce

Written November 5, 2013 Not only are Rebekah Kitzmiller and Bryce Hieber first cousins, but they have several things in common with each other. Both are from New Haven, both are friends of my son, and both have an eye for composition and color in their artwork. Rebekah is moving on to major in art education at the University of Saint Francis and Bryce to engineering at Purdue University. They each offered one of their favorite pieces for the 2013 West Central Home and Garden Tour. Rebekah’s Pluck is an original pastel… Read More

Jane Meredith

Written November 4, 2013 Moving into the West Central neighborhood has provided us the opportunity to call a host of creative people our neighbors. Jane Meredith is one of those neighbors. She has creativity oozing out of her, with an eye for color and that unique ability to see images together long before they actually manifest. At one of the weekly porch parties I invited her to hang any of her stained and leaded glass creations in our home for the 2013 West Central Home and Garden Tour. Lucky for us, she… Read More

Regina Leffers

Written November 4, 2013 Regina has always been an intensely creative person. A few years ago she dove in head first and started living a life filled with creating every single minute. It was an inspiring transition to witness and I’m so glad she took me along for the ride! She graciously loaned us two pieces for the 2013 West Central Home and Garden Tour. Bold and large, these two works of art electrified the rooms they graced. Flaming Orchid (love that name, yes?) lit up the landing at the top of the front stairwell…. Read More

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