Diane Schafer-King

Written November 5, 2013

Diane is a Master Marbler. I don’t know if she gives herself this title, but it seems accurate to me. She’s poured herself into this medium for the past 20 years – practicing it, demonstrating it, teaching it. The creations that float in the water bath and ultimately onto the finished product are complex and breathtaking. The process of marbling is fascinating. You can read a bit about this unique medium here or hear her talk about her passion for it here.

I have purchased pieces of her marbled paper to use in my own collages. I’ve also enjoyed both individual and group marbling sessions with her as teacher, using what I created as an addition to my own artwork. This flowing medium just seems to make sense when collaged, bringing things together with color and pattern.

She offered several of her silk and paper works of art to feature in our home for the remainder of 2013. They flow down the hallway gallery with ease, connecting the art with her silk scarves.

img 3442

img 3443

img 3444

img 3445

img 3446

img 3447

One of my all-time favorites of hers is Eyes of Beauty. It hangs over our living room fireplace right now drawing the pinks and oranges up from the original painted porcelain below. (Please note: the ceramic figure next to Diane’s piece is courtesy of Cheryl Spieth Gardiner.)

img 3550

img 3450

Gentle Breeze sits on the easel in our foyer, draped with more of her marbled silk scarves.

img 3449

For the 2013 West Central Home and Garden Tour, she hung a few different pieces. Georgia O’Keefe is dressed up with marbled paper and fabric in this collage.

img 3233

Tuxedo Cat reminded us of a past family kitty, Oreo. She says this is her most popular print, so obviously there are several people out there with Oreo kitties in their lives.

img 3234

And Dancing the Soul is one of my favorites given my love for dance.

img 3249

To read more about Diane you can visit her website. Don’t miss the video on her site offering a little more visual for the marbling process as well as the portfolio of her work.


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