Frida’s Diary

diary closeup

Diane Schafer-King added this book to the altar with the following writing:

Frida Kahlo: Diario Autorretrato Intimo (Diary of the Intimate Self)

Ilene, several others from the Conrado group, and I had just finished touring el Museo Frida Kahlo, La Casa Azul (the Blue House) in Mexico City. As we sat in the garden area ready to enter the gift shop, Ilene was sharing about this book. I remember her saying something like this:

“It’s Frida’s sketchbook, sketches of her art but also the expression of her feelings and words about her art and the things that are inspiring her and influencing her. It’s not a book written about her. It’s HER book, what she is expressing about herself.”

Ilene in her usual style of artist, mentor and teacher was igniting our interest and passionately helping us to connect, once again, to Frida, the woman and the artist. The more Ilene spoke, the more I felt I just had to have this book. What a keepsake it would be! I could feel how more than anything else in the gift shop this book would help me remember the feeling of being in the Blue House surrounded by the art objects and furniture Frida loved and were now infused with her spirit.

I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed when the gift shop clerk told me the only books left were written in Spanish. I wanted to read and understand every word and I knew that would be difficult with my understanding of written Spanish being at a basic level. That disappointment was brief as I held the book and it began to feel like a magnet in my hand. Yes, I want it! The book held and still holds a wonderful feeling for me.

As I set the intent to contribute something of significance to this altar, something that would honor both Ilene and Frida, two wonderful women artists and teachers, the book emerged. This precious keepsake! It’s the thread that connects me to Ilene, to Frida and to a wonderful world of creativity – feelings of love, joy, sorrow and…well…LIFE!


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