Relax and Listen

We read voraciously in order to keep up with the ceaseless tide of excellent literature. We read to our babies and kids so they too can become lovers of good books. Rarely, however do we adults have the pleasure of being read to. I was recently reminded of how gratifying it can be when I attended a poetry reading hosted by George Kalamaras, Indiana’s Poet Laureate. 

No need to turn pages. No worry of proper lighting. No 1.25’s positioned low on my nose. No ability to read and reread to dissect and decipher. Just sitting. And listening to words spilling out, intonation and emphasis completely the burden of the reader.

This did two things for me. It sparked me to write poetry again. Write anything frankly, but first, poetry. And it reminded me of one of my promises to myself – to be a better listener. Together those inspirations form the following poem in the Diamante style.

relax and listen

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