A Palindrome for Pachyderms

Inspired by our time at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, I gave my brain a workout and created a poem in the palindrome style. Palindromes read the same forward as backward – a bit tricky, but fun to try and capture the essence of the message within the structure. This one – A Palindrome for Pachyderms – tells the story of elephants used and abused for the tourism trade who are rescued and given a chance to remember the wild. You can learn more about this transformation from my blog about our time at… Read More

Two Full Days of Elephants – Lucky Us!

Warning: This blog post contains 55 photos of elephants. Just coming clean now so you know what you’re getting into. Two of the most meaningful days of our Thailand adventure were spent at the Elephant Nature Park about an hour outside of Chiang Mai. This was one of those ‘bucket list’ things for Alex and thus we booked our overnight stay there months in advance of planning anything else. We’re so grateful she had the vision AND that she researched it so thoroughly and found a place that is revolutionizing elephant tourism and treatment…. Read More

Hiking Doi Inthanon – A Day Trip from Chiang Mai

We love exploring new cities and Chiang Mai was no exception. We also love escaping the hustle and bustle to get some fresh air and exercise. Thus, Doi Inthanon was the perfect daytrip – ‘doi’ is Thai for mountain and Inthanon is the name of a beloved king in the late 19th century whose ashes are buried beneath the shrine.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Temples, Tuk Tuks, and Tea

After curing our jet lag on the beach in southern Thailand, Phuket and Phang Nga Bay, we hopped a one-and-a-half-hour, one-way flight to the northern province and city of Chiang Mai. Joel was a tad hesitant to do so given the recent track record of Air Asia and its affiliates, but it was the same price as a 12+ hour overnight train ride and so we braved it. It couldn’t have been smoother and more efficient. Whew! As an aside, I thought this sign in the Phuket airport was interesting. Chiang Mai… Read More

Phang Nga Bay – A Perfect Day Trip From Phuket

We knew we could fill our Phuket days lounging on the beach, but we also wanted a little island-hopping adventure. Thus, off to Phang Nga Bay (pronounced ‘pahng-gah-bay’) We had the luxury of being picked up at our hotel in a comfy van to drive north from our Kamala Beach location, off of Phuket Island and around to the west side of the bay.

Thailand’s First Stop – Phuket

Our trek to Thailand began with a couple of leisurely days in Phuket – the portion of the southern isthmus that dangles into the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean. And for the record, I know what you’re all thinking. It’s pronounced ‘Poo-ket’.

Our Family Trek to Italy – 2010

In an effort to keep all of our travel blogs in one locale, I’m linking a series of blogs we did during our month in Italy during the summer of 2010. When visiting the Italy blog, note that the entries are organized with the most recent first. This means if you want to take in the experience from beginning to end, you will want to scroll down on the right side and choose the earliest date entry and go from there. Ciao! Pictured above – us at the Pantheon in Rome. The… Read More

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