Ode to Dad

Always a sweet, nostalgic weekend when Father’s Day rolls around. This year feeling a little silly so I wrote a limerick for my full-Irish father coupled with some new artwork. My pops, he was a true bowling champ Who weekly pitched spheres down the long ramp. His nickname was Shorty A real hoot, oh lordy. He would howl that his ball’s now a lamp. A close up showing his initialed ball – C.P.O. for Clarence Patrick O’Connor. His hole-in-one trophy serves as finial on top. The art piece that hangs near the lamp… Read More

Athena Emerging

In recent years, I’ve reached the point of knowing I want to move into the world with my creativity and voice. I can envision it. I am less afraid of the outcome of doing so and getting better every day. I feel the web of connection with others strengthening and healing. What has been missing is action. The sacred feminine is all about wisdom, intuition, the nurturing mother, being supported and loved. She heals and embodies. She’s a visionary to what is possible. To move into the world though, to take action with the vision,… Read More

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