A Decade of Reweaving

For many years I have been on a path of rediscovery, digging deep into my past, exploring each question and awareness with the full-on intention of healing and opening to a clearer vision of myself.┬áIt was in 2005, however, that I started creating artwork that directly related to each awareness, using the powerful combination of written and visual art to better understand the obstacles and transform them into nuggets of wisdom. That art was for me. It tells the story of my transformation. It was never to be shared really. I just… Read More

The Emergence of Athena

Athena came to me upon a suggestion of a friend. Sometimes that’s all it takes. A mention of a name and you feel in your gut that there is more to be had, more to explore. Athena. Yes, I’ll learn more. A goddess of seemingly opposite endeavors – warfare and creativity, wisdom and strategy, action and contemplation. All of it. To me, I saw the possibility of forging my way into the world with my creative visions, using my intuition, my inner wisdom, in union with strategizing the needed action steps, all… Read More

Regina Leffers McCaleb, Ph.D.

Master Teacher, Midwife to the Birth of the Wild Soul

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