Mexico City Part 3: When You Are a Man, Sometimes You Wear Stretchy Pants

When planning this Mexico City Frida Freak Tour, our host Hershey asked us to make a prioritized list of things we wanted to do and see. So we did. It included all of the obvious Frida and Diego sites as well as plenty of food tasting and city walking. We thought our planning was complete, but then we were wandering the streets of Mexico City and saw this: That’s a Tour bus (Turibus) plastered with luchadores in all their glory. Hershey had never been to a match and so we added it to… Read More

Mexico City Part 2: Artitecture

Aha! You thought you caught a typo in the title of this post, didn’t you? Nope. Just me being clever with my art and architecture theme. First, ART! We simply had a blast exploring the art fairs and stalls filled with folk and contemporary art. It was invaluable to have our friend and host, Hershey, along explaining each traditional craft as well as introducing us to artists – her friends as well as those she’s frequented and supported over the years. One of those artist friends was Victor Uhthoff. We met him… Read More

Mexico City Part 1: 2016 Frida Freak Tour

I’m a Frida Freak. Full on, no apologies. I’ve studied, learned from, and been inspired by her for years. I’ve created artwork with her image…     …regularly gathered images and quotes on a Frida Freak Pinterest page… …honored her along with my mentor, Ilene, with a Day of the Dead altar… …and even embodied her for an afternoon to create this gem. So what is it about this Mexican goddess that grabs me? You can click on any of the links above to read my thoughts in full. To summarize, I am enthralled with… Read More

In Summary – #40 Days of Light

I absolutely loved searching for and noticing the LIGHT for the past 40 days. Thanks to Karen Walrond who presented the opportunity via her @heychookooloonks Instagram account.  It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Post a picture each day that reflects light – no other parameters or instructions offered. At times it was indeed simple. Other times it was a challenge. Either way, it made me focus my attention on where I see (or sometimes struggle to see) light-filled images – openings, big or small, inner or outer, obvious or subtle. Below are most of those… Read More

In the Glow of the Screen

In a moment of insanity, daughter Alex and I declared the intention to watch every single movie nominated for Academy Awards this season. That’s 52 movies. 52 MOVIES!!! I haven’t seen 52 movies in the last five years combined so to watch 52 in 2 months was a real (ridiculous) goal. We did it. Since we’re both uber planners, we accomplished this cyclopean task with the help of four movie theaters, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Family Video, and a crap ton of popcorn, both caramel and regular. A visual of our master… Read More

My Time

I was having one of those not-enough-hours-in-a-day days this week. A series of them actually – Monday through Wednesday to be exact – where I just wasn’t feeling like I was getting anything of purpose done. Where I’d look at the clock and it’d be 5 p.m. and nothing on my must-do creative list was crossed off. So frustrating. Then yesterday, Thursday, I pulled one of the cards out of the deck that Alex gave me for my birthday – a deck of playing cards, each one with a word on it to… Read More

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