Mexico City Part 6: This and That

I know. Six blogs about one trip? You’d think after five blogs I’d have covered it all and I have. Mostly. There are just a few bits and pieces that didn’t really jive with any other post and I’d like to keep track of them. After all, this rundown is really a travel journal of sorts for me to reflect on when the details start to get a little foggy. Like next month. Sort of like scrapbooking photos in an album (which I just never could get to) except the online version. So…a few random thoughts and pics.

Our landing in Mexico City. There’s something about seeing mountains when you break through the clouds, particularly when you started your day in flat, northern Indiana.

Day 0

We’re certainly not cat people, but Simba and Calle (short for Calico) were interesting greeters in the apartment courtyard. Unless they were zonked out on top of or under a car.

last (2) last (3)

last (4)last (1)

Joel spent a bit of time here and there at the kitchen table doing work. Thanks, Joel.

Day 9 (4)

Interesting revelation one day when Hershey’s neighbor said we needed to check the pollution report to see if we were able to drive our car that day. Apparently when it registers a certain level, cars go into a rotation of which can drive on certain days. Of course older cars with less-efficient exhaust systems fare worse. Public transportation is free on these days. This article is reporting the there was a slight improvement in the air quality.

Day 9 (15)

We spent a fair amount of time sitting in Hershey’s apartment chatting about important and ridiculous stuff. She has this throw-your-head-back laugh that cracked us up. I couldn’t get it photographed, but Joel’s reaction here sums it up.

Day 8 (20)

And last, our trip list for next visit. Not sure when that will be, but we left a few must-sees for another time. They are:

  • I’d love to go in early November to be there for the Day of the Dead festival.
  • Hiking near the base of the two volcanoes – Hershey’s cousins led a daytrip there, but we were already committed to another plan.
  • We’d love to take a class or session at Cuernavaca University to improve our Spanish-speaking skills. Immersion!!
  • Rounding up a few extras and taking a Floating Gardens boat ride in Xochimilco.
  • Perhaps revisiting the Delores Olmedo Museum if Frida’s paintings are on display (they were traveling in Moscow this time around.)
  • The Leon Trotsky Museum in Coyoacan.
  • The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Anahuacalli – Diego Rivera’s building that houses his vast collection of pre-Columbian art.
  • The goofy, kitschy store down the street from Hershey’s apartment with big statues and fun contraptions.
  • The Mexican School of Art for Downs Syndrome – we saw this cool Frida and Diego plate in the airport lounge and learned of this school. Very cool!


OK, not THAT’S the final notes for this trip. Carry on!!


2 Comments on “Mexico City Part 6: This and That

  1. You might add the San Patricios to your list of things to follow up. Fascinating story that is honored in Mexico.


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