Our Deepest Wisdom

There is wisdom in everything. Sometimes I have trouble seeing or feeling it and for me that means something is in the way. My ego. My hard-set beliefs. My fears. My reaction to chaos. My need to create drama. All of those can cloud my view of the wisdom in others, in situations, in elections. And in me. I’ve been digging deep lately while reading headlines and social media posts and while listening to sound bytes. Trying to stay connected to that inner wisdom. Trying to remain centered in my heart and grounded in clarity…. Read More

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my fourth birthday in my sixth decade, which is a convoluted way of turning 53. I’m loving my 50s. I couldn’t wait to join this club and with three years of it under my belt am officially declaring it my favorite decade to date. The 50s feel like a time when experience, wisdom and vision, come together with energy and drive in one powerful space. Fifty years of living is respectable. You can claim to know a thing or two and speak with authority on occasion without anyone questioning you except my beloved 65-year-old… Read More

I Am Beloved – For Becky

Dear Becky ~ Hang this art piece someplace you will easily see it every day. Stop and look at yourself in its mirror. Stay there until you’re done straightening your hair and checking your teeth and critiquing your skin. Go ahead. We all do it. Then see the parts and pieces that make this creation – books, music, places and people you love. Read a line or two, look at the pictures, sing a verse. Whatever reaches out to you in the moment. See Barry, your partner in life, who describes you… Read More

Intention: Stay focused. Breathe. Let go of outcome.

Regina Leffers McCaleb, Ph.D.

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