An Interview with Summer Lydick

I recently wrote a blog about how I see the Sacred Feminine walking in the world today – in real people, in me. She walks with an open heart, willing to witness and connect; allowing and healing in all sorts of ways. I know so many folks who embody and express all of that. And so I was inspired to connect with some of them to chat, both to strengthen and to expand my perspective on it all. The first person I was drawn to was Summer Lydick. I met Summer on… Read More

The Sacred Feminine Today

I used to shy away from the term Sacred Feminine. Three reasons. One: It so often seems to elicit only religious connections for folks. This is fine if that’s your frame of reference for viewing the world and expressing your truth. But if it isn’t, then the term doesn’t resonate and you read no further. Two: Sacred Feminine can be considered New Age-y. Remember New Age? Again, it isn’t bad if that’s your language for seeing the world. It’s just that if it isn’t, then the whole concept can feel wrong or… Read More

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