An Interview with Summer Lydick

I recently wrote a blog about how I see the Sacred Feminine walking in the world today – in real people, in me. She walks with an open heart, willing to witness and connect; allowing and healing in all sorts of ways. I know so many folks who embody and express all of that. And so I was inspired to connect with some of them to chat, both to strengthen and to expand my perspective on it all. The first person I was drawn to was Summer Lydick. I met Summer on… Read More

One Step at a Time

Whenever I embark on something new, my very first, knee-jerk reaction is to plan the life out of it. Whether it’s teaching a class, writing a blog or a book, creating an art piece, unraveling a pattern in me – I envision the end product. How will it look? How will it make me feel? How will it affect others? How can it be marketed, sold, reproduced? If I’m lucky during this runaway process of my quick mind and eager ego, I catch myself before the idea suffocates completely. The turnaround time… Read More

Magic Lessons

So I had a lot of time in the car last week making my trek up to Wisconsin to see my mama. This means that after I belted out a few of my favorite tunes, I hunkered down for some podcasts. My fav these days is Magic Lessons, courtesy of one of the authors on my shortlist of “people I’d love to have a beer with someday” – Elizabeth Gilbert. She has a new season of podcasts, but I had to finish up season one in which she interviewed another awesome storyteller… Read More

The Web of Life: An Interview with Calvin

My son, Calvin, and I have been having some intentional conversations this month of June resulting in several Instagram and Facebook posts – his thoughts with my images. These chats weren’t anything new. Rather, they’re our familiar rhythm that has been flowing for 20 or so years – basically since he was old enough to start asking questions and telling us his thoughts which, as it turned out, revealed an interesting soul, a deep thinker, a sentient being who wasn’t afraid of the expanse of his thoughts and dreams (most of the time.) So… Read More

In Summary – #Create Every Day of May

My focus on creating for the month of May helped me revitalize my belief that creativity comes in many forms. We all do it. We just don’t all call it ‘being creative’. Cooking, enjoying life, being brave, stepping outside the limits, putting pen to paper or brush to canvas, traveling, shifting, opening, healing – it’s all part of living a creative life. The posts I shared on my Instagram and Facebook accounts are remembered below.

Creativity – An Interview with Beverly Rieger

My #CreateEveryDayOfMay hashtag theme flooded me with inspiration – in everything I saw, everything I listened to, everything I read. It’s always remarkable to me how just opening to an idea – just piquing an awareness – brings it to me tenfold. A lovely perk of our solid connection to the universe, yes? During this time, my friend, Beverly Rieger, was consistently on my mind. She’d float in and out of my consciousness as I was working on an art piece, checking email, making dinner. And listening to music. I ended up going… Read More

Creative Icon

“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.” – Annie Leibovitz I’m settling back into my office-studio this week after last week’s significant purging-organizing-cleaning session. I again have a place to sit, a place to write, and a couple of places to create. This happens every so often. Things get so cluttered and chaotic in my physical spaces that I feel the need to clear out before I can work effectively. I get antsy during these times, worried that I’m… Read More

In Summary…We Are Responsible for Our Own Balance

Written May 24, 2013 I started this week with the quest for maintaining balance as I move more fully into the world with my creative career. My initial blog, Insights on Balance, helped me work through my initial worries and conclude that maintaining balance is about choice. When an opportunity or a calling is in front of me and it resonates with me and feels like ‘mine’, then I say yes. Saying yes to these choices can only lead to balance because I will be following my own flow. Equally important is… Read More

Creativity…the Road of the Unknown

Written May 22, 2013 by Beverly Rieger I am a musician.  Over the last 7 years I have created and published almost 50 albums of music in CD form, and another series of albums and individual pieces in download form.  This is a lot of music. What does that level of creativity do to or for my personal life?  Sometimes I identify myself only as the amount of “creative work” that comes forth, or the amount of albums that are sold. Sometimes I get so caught up in the excitement of new… Read More

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