I Am Beloved – For Becky

Dear Becky ~ Hang this art piece someplace you will easily see it every day. Stop and look at yourself in its mirror. Stay there until you’re done straightening your hair and checking your teeth and critiquing your skin. Go ahead. We all do it. Then see the parts and pieces that make this creation – books, music, places and people you love. Read a line or two, look at the pictures, sing a verse. Whatever reaches out to you in the moment. See Barry, your partner in life, who describes you… Read More

How Many Memories Are Baked in a Sweetroll?

I dig out the recipe and read the first line – “Scald the milk and let cool to room temp” – and I instantly feel a fluttery anxiety. Flashbacks. “Hey Mom, my sweetrolls didn’t do that initial first bubbly rise thing.” “Ahhh…you must have killed the yeast. Was your milk too hot?” Gah!! I have that written three times on my recipe, but it still threatens to botch up the batch. That first rise is always a nailbiter. Further down the page I chuckle a little as I recall the learning session… Read More

In Summary – #April Showers Bring Back My Empty Nest

It’s been a unique, transformational month in my household as the last of our clan’s three grown-up children left us for the next phase of life. They all had been long gone before, but each found their way back home this past year for their own regrouping and transformations. So when Alex moved back to Boulder last week, my empty nest returned. And for some reason, her leaving and these departures felt more permanent than the last. My empty nest feels more solid and a new layer of mothering, mentoring, and friending took place…. Read More

In the Glow of the Screen

In a moment of insanity, daughter Alex and I declared the intention to watch every single movie nominated for Academy Awards this season. That’s 52 movies. 52 MOVIES!!! I haven’t seen 52 movies in the last five years combined so to watch 52 in 2 months was a real (ridiculous) goal. We did it. Since we’re both uber planners, we accomplished this cyclopean task with the help of four movie theaters, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Family Video, and a crap ton of popcorn, both caramel and regular. A visual of our master… Read More

Remembering Mom

Read at Mom’s Celebration of Life Memorial in Tucson, Sept. 29, 2015 I’m Ellen O’Connor Sauer. I’m married to Barb and Dick’s son Joel, AKA #5, so Barbara has been my mother-in-law for the past 30+ years. I was pretty young when we got married – 21 years old – and so I hadn’t really contemplated ahead of time what it would mean to join a family or have in-laws. Over time, I found that they served as another set of parents, filling in the gaps where I needed it. To qualify,… Read More

Thailand’s First Stop – Phuket

Our trek to Thailand began with a couple of leisurely days in Phuket – the portion of the southern isthmus that dangles into the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean. And for the record, I know what you’re all thinking. It’s pronounced ‘Poo-ket’.

Our Family Trek to Italy – 2010

In an effort to keep all of our travel blogs in one locale, I’m linking a series of blogs we did during our month in Italy during the summer of 2010. When visiting the Italy blog, note that the entries are organized with the most recent first. This means if you want to take in the experience from beginning to end, you will want to scroll down on the right side and choose the earliest date entry and go from there. Ciao! Pictured above – us at the Pantheon in Rome. The… Read More

2013 Sauer Family Letter

Written January 6, 2014 Here’s what going on with the Sauer clan at the moment. Alex got her Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate last year, sold or gave away most of her life in Boulder, Colorado, then packed up the rest to temporarily store in our attic so she could head to Seoul, South Korea for a year to teach English. She loves it – loves the kids, loves exploring a new culture, and now realizes just how much she loves the art of teaching. Her commitment ends mid-August,… Read More


Written January 22, 2014 The fall of 2013 presented an interesting shift for our family. We now preside over an empty nest. We were prepared for this transition particularly since Drew has been counting down toward it since he was a junior in high school. And, having been through it twice before, the transition itself moved along without a hitch so no biggie there. There is one difference, however. We’re REALLY empty nesters. Past years of kids moving to college and living out on their own still allowed for weekend visits –… Read More

The Gift of Honesty

Written September 26, 2011 Recently I was given the opportunity to witness a tremendous gift of loving honesty. It happened unexpectedly at a family weekend when my husband’s family was together at our home for the happy occasion of seeing Grandma and Grandpa who were visiting from Tucson.  We were going about the typical family business of chatting and eating. Lunch cleanup had begun and napping as the next agenda item was being discussed. The kids, all teenagers and older now, were planning the teams for a game of soccer when the… Read More

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