Women’s March and Sister Marches – January 21, 2017

There is a long history of gathering en masse to shift energies and paradigms, legislation and belief structures. Wherever there has been oppression and injustice, there has been protest – sometimes via the oppressed and sometimes their allies, sometimes peaceful and sometimes not – but always with the intention of being seen, heard, understood, respected, and perhaps most importantly, welcomed into the collective. It’s about connection. The Women’s March on Washington D.C. and its Sister Marches in cities across the globe are happening on January 21, 2017. The Mission and Guiding Principles as well as the Unity… Read More

If You Want to Change the World, Love a Woman

We’ve endured months of incessant denigration of women with this campaign cycle – both from a candidate who has no true regard for women and toward a candidate as she seeks a position of power. It’s been deeply painful to feel as a member of this collective – as a woman. There is a lot of silver-lining awareness that comes from these extremes that allows all of us to see what still needs to be addressed and healed. This is good. And there is a lot of legislation, past and current and surely in… Read More

Speak Only Love

I attended a poetry reading a couple of years ago where a local poet, Ketu Oladuwa, read some of his work. All powerfully written. Spoken from a place of undeniable truth. One snippet cut me to the core and made me dig for a pen to jot it down. It was the following: Don’t fight to overcome fighting. Don’t politicize to overcome politics. Don’t convince to overcome self-righteousness. Step back from all of that. Look, listen and love. Then speak only that. I’ve revisited those words so many times in the years since,… Read More

I Am Beloved – For Becky

Dear Becky ~ Hang this art piece someplace you will easily see it every day. Stop and look at yourself in its mirror. Stay there until you’re done straightening your hair and checking your teeth and critiquing your skin. Go ahead. We all do it. Then see the parts and pieces that make this creation – books, music, places and people you love. Read a line or two, look at the pictures, sing a verse. Whatever reaches out to you in the moment. See Barry, your partner in life, who describes you… Read More

How Many Memories Are Baked in a Sweetroll?

I dig out the recipe and read the first line – “Scald the milk and let cool to room temp” – and I instantly feel a fluttery anxiety. Flashbacks. “Hey Mom, my sweetrolls didn’t do that initial first bubbly rise thing.” “Ahhh…you must have killed the yeast. Was your milk too hot?” Gah!! I have that written three times on my recipe, but it still threatens to botch up the batch. That first rise is always a nailbiter. Further down the page I chuckle a little as I recall the learning session… Read More

I Am the Red Spider Goddess

I have a place in the web of connections – inner and outer, seen and unseen. I honor this place. I see what needs to be rewoven and I heal it with love. I Am the Red Spider Goddess is a 24×30” giclee print on plywood with mounted mirror, wire web and beads. Completed 2015 as part of the Decade of Reweaving show. The original Red Spider Goddess mixed-media oil painting upon which this mirrored piece is based may be found here. Note: The original piece pictured above was purchased when displayed at… Read More

I Am Love

I see myself blending my stories – old and new Tying the colorful patterns above to the structures and templates below. Softening the blending with lace; with love. I Am Love is 24×24”, with neckties, sewing patterns and lace on plywood. Price: $250 – contact me if interested. Completed 2015 as part of the Decade of Reweaving show. The original Sacred Blending mixed-media piece upon which this mirrored piece is based may be found here.

Remembering Mom

Read at Mom’s Celebration of Life Memorial in Tucson, Sept. 29, 2015 I’m Ellen O’Connor Sauer. I’m married to Barb and Dick’s son Joel, AKA #5, so Barbara has been my mother-in-law for the past 30+ years. I was pretty young when we got married – 21 years old – and so I hadn’t really contemplated ahead of time what it would mean to join a family or have in-laws. Over time, I found that they served as another set of parents, filling in the gaps where I needed it. To qualify,… Read More

Regina and Mac

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.” ~Candace Bushnell Regina realized several years ago that she longed for a wild, loving partner to run beside her. She wanted a true partnership – someone to support and care for her as well as the chance to care for someone else in a healthy, loving, intimate way. It was something missing in her life and she knew it would bring her joy and learning and… Read More

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