Old Crown Exhibit

Written September 28, 2011 Having my artwork hanging at Old Crown has been a fulfilling experience. It’s definitely fun to have so many of my pieces together in one place, other than my own home, that is. Stopping in as usual and seeing my own work on the walls is a little odd. Watching people as they work on their laptops with The New Eve hovering over their shoulder or observing an animated conversation occurring between two patrons with The Web of Life connecting the two of them…well, it warms me. I’m… Read More

The Gift of Honesty

Written September 26, 2011 Recently I was given the opportunity to witness a tremendous gift of loving honesty. It happened unexpectedly at a family weekend when my husband’s family was together at our home for the happy occasion of seeing Grandma and Grandpa who were visiting from Tucson.  We were going about the typical family business of chatting and eating. Lunch cleanup had begun and napping as the next agenda item was being discussed. The kids, all teenagers and older now, were planning the teams for a game of soccer when the… Read More

My Artwork on Display

As of September 14, 2011, some of my artwork will be on display at Old Crown Coffee Roasters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you’re in the neighborhood and feel like an iced chai or an awesome fresh veggie wrap, stop on in and see the scenery. Special thanks to Michael Mettler for helping me sort it all. I’m a novice, he’s a veteran. Perfect! Check out some of his beautiful photography here.

The Beauty in Alzheimer’s

Written September 12, 2011 I know. At first glance the title of this post is a bit oxymoronic. After all, every single one of us has been touched in some way by the sadness and confusion of this disease. My family is no exception. My mother-in-law was diagnosed in 2009 and as she and I sat in the neuropsychologist’s office and heard the news, my heart simultaneously dropped out of my chest and rose into my throat for the knowing of what may lie ahead. We drove home afterward in near silence…. Read More

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