Sketchbook Photos and Writings

Take a closer look at the pages of my contribution to The Sketchbook Project. You may also click on each picture to see a larger image if you’d like to read what is written on each page of dreams and poetry. As you can imagine, there are all sorts of explanations and interpretations for each dream page. There’s just not enough room to write it all out, so feel free to use your imagination, or, better yet, start your own dream journal and see where it takes you. Advertisements

The Sketchbook Project – My Dream Journal

A major shout-out to the Art House Coop for their collaborative Sketchbook Project. For this endeavor, artists from all over the world – 5000 of them – each complete a personal, pocket-sized journal that then becomes part of a larger exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library. The sketchbooks can be viewed in person at the library so if you ever find yourself there, please stop in and say hello to mine. The pages of each sketchbook also get digitized for online viewing. I’ll keep you posted when that feature is available. For… Read More

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