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Goddess Annie

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Written September 17, 2013

When my great-niece Annie was just six months old, her parents asked me to create a piece of art for her. They wanted something that would hang in her bedroom now for her and others to enjoy, but also something that would carry her through her growing-up years.

I learned something with this commission, that is: It is a gift to be asked to create a lasting piece of artwork for a child. To be invited into her life and bring an intention to life was simply wonderful. 

When we first started talking about the creation of this piece we went back and forth on all sorts of descriptive words, hoped-for dreams, and various concepts for it. At one point Sara said she particularly liked the word ‘goddess’ when thinking about her daughter. I’ve used that term a lot in my artwork, of course, but it took a different twist when thinking about it for a little girl now and as she grew up. What does it really mean to be a ‘goddess’? I found myself contemplating this throughout the design and creation of the piece until I came to a solid definition.  

This definition for Annie (and frankly for all little girls) is that as she grows up, she stays strongly rooted in herself, never forgetting her inner strength and wisdom. So many of us lose our voices for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes a goddess does too and then she works like crazy, focusing on nothing else, until she finds it again. Even if she is afraid, she speaks what is in her heart and is true to herself when communicating who she is. And her heart is always overflowing with unconditional love – for others, of course, but also for herself. All of this while she explores the world and willingly shifts and changes with each experience.


That definition became my mantra as I cut and stitched and created for Annie, envisioning her as she sees the goddess in herself and keeps it alive as she grows up. Hopefully this piece carries the spirit of my intentions (and her parents’!)

Click the ‘Read More’ link below to learn more about this work of art. 

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