Mexico City Part 6: This and That

I know. Six blogs about one trip? You’d think after five blogs I’d have covered it all and I have. Mostly. There are just a few bits and pieces that didn’t really jive with any other post and I’d like to keep track of them. After all, this rundown is really a travel journal of sorts for me to reflect on when the details start to get a little foggy. Like next month. Sort of like scrapbooking photos in an album (which I just never could get to) except the online version…. Read More

Mexico City Part 5: What’s a Little Turista Among Friends?

We love food. All kinds. Thus, we didn’t hold back when in Mexico City despite the typical warnings. We did exercise caution of course with our water intake which, if you know Joel’s propensity for hearty hydration, was a wise move. Thankfully our host, Hershey, had ozone water filtration units in each of her apartments so we were able to drink with abandon. Plus, she used it for all the water that cleaned her fruit and veggies that she served us. You simply stick the end of the tube in a pitcher… Read More

Mexico City Part 4: The Place Where Women Become Goddesses

When the Aztecs stumbled upon this remarkable city of ruins, they named it Teotihuacan, or “The Place Where Men Become Gods”.┬áIn the interest of equal opportunity for women, I’ve done a little historical updating with the title of this post. I think it only adds to the mystery of Teo – an ancient Mayan civilization that was in its heyday around 200-600 A.D. with an estimated population of 125,000 or more. There are all sorts of revelations about the daily lives of its people as well as how and why the city… Read More

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