Creativity – An Interview with Beverly Rieger

My #CreateEveryDayOfMay hashtag theme flooded me with inspiration – in everything I saw, everything I listened to, everything I read. It’s always remarkable to me how just opening to an idea – just piquing an awareness – brings it to me tenfold. A lovely perk of our solid connection to the universe, yes? During this time, my friend, Beverly Rieger, was consistently on my mind. She’d float in and out of my consciousness as I was working on an art piece, checking email, making dinner. And listening to music. I ended up going… Read More

Feeling Our Way Through Portland

In keeping with our new travel mantra, Less Planning and More Feeling, Joel and I moved through Portland, Oregon for a couple of days flowing with its vibe. We walked a ton, rode bikes, ate some food, saw some art, rode the MAX, endured a Voodoo-induced sugar coma and smelled a LOT of flowers. (That last one is not a metaphor, but rather a reference to the Japanese, Chinese and Rose Gardens – all three a stone’s throw from city center.) Three descriptors kept repeating themselves as we wandered: Vibrant, Lush, Hardy…. Read More

Less Planning, More Feeling – An Obsessive Travel Planner’s New Mantra

Less planning, more feeling.  That mantra has been my experimental M.O. for our past few travels. This is in direct opposition to most of the trips I’ve taken in my adult life. I love the research and uncovering process through online perusal and, in years past, via AAA Triptiks and Frommer’s guidebooks. I love this part so much that I’ve often thought that I should research OTHER people’s trips and just stay home. Because in truth, when you learn and plan something so thoroughly and so specifically, there is little left to the… Read More

How Many Memories Are Baked in a Sweetroll?

I dig out the recipe and read the first line – “Scald the milk and let cool to room temp” – and I instantly feel a fluttery anxiety. Flashbacks. “Hey Mom, my sweetrolls didn’t do that initial first bubbly rise thing.” “Ahhh…you must have killed the yeast. Was your milk too hot?” Gah!! I have that written three times on my recipe, but it still threatens to botch up the batch. That first rise is always a nailbiter. Further down the page I chuckle a little as I recall the learning session… Read More

In Summary – #April Showers Bring Back My Empty Nest

It’s been a unique, transformational month in my household as the last of our clan’s three grown-up children left us for the next phase of life. They all had been long gone before, but each found their way back home this past year for their own regrouping and transformations. So when Alex moved back to Boulder last week, my empty nest returned. And for some reason, her leaving and these departures felt more permanent than the last. My empty nest feels more solid and a new layer of mothering, mentoring, and friending took place…. Read More

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