Stillness in Action

This blog was initially written July 25, 2016. An addendum dated Sept. 21, 2016 follows. Our thoughts and patterns and structures create our emotions and become reality. I’ve known this truth for many years and repeatedly come back to it whenever I find myself in a place of fear, worry, anger and hopelessness. After reading headline upon headline in the past several weeks – gun violence, refugee crises, the escalating hatred and bigotry expressed during this election season – I could feeling myself swimming in those reactive thoughts and emotions once again. Thankfully I was… Read More

The Journey – by Mary Oliver

The Journey, by Mary Oliver – a biggie for me. Resonates deeply. Every day is a new start – a new facing off with the voices that shout their bad advice. I feel myself addressing those voices – thanking some for their past service, asking others to get the hell out and don’t come back, directing still others to go sit on the couch and take a nap for the afternoon. A conscious choice to move into a different flow with my own truest voice on the bullhorn. I’ve learned to recognize… Read More

Magic Lessons

So I had a lot of time in the car last week making my trek up to Wisconsin to see my mama. This means that after I belted out a few of my favorite tunes, I hunkered down for some podcasts. My fav these days is Magic Lessons, courtesy of one of the authors on my shortlist of “people I’d love to have a beer with someday” – Elizabeth Gilbert. She has a new season of podcasts, but I had to finish up season one in which she interviewed another awesome storyteller… Read More

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