1:1 Sessions/Workshops

I love to help people dismantle internal obstacles so that they can connect with each other in profound, meaningful ways.

What do I mean by ‘internal obstacles’? Patterns, belief structures, childhood learnings often before language, cultural norms…so many things that get in the way of seeing each other and ourselves wholly.

We can identify those internal obstacles by paying closer attention to our triggers, pet peeves, thoughts, worries, emotions, body feels, personal reactions to news and chaos, self-created drama, fears, behaviors, coping mechanisms, hopes and resolutions that never seem to fully manifest…basically anything and everything that can cloud the truth.

So often we just want to wish or think these obstacles away. While awareness of them is a huge step, it most often takes intentional action to release them and replace them with the truth. To facilitate this, I use:

  • Journaling
  • Simple creativity
  • Meditation
  • Discussion – individual or group
  • Practicing forgiveness and gratitude
  • Simple movement
  • Didactic learning
  • Body awareness activities

I’d love to work with you. I offer one-to-one mentoring sessions in person or online.    

I am also willing to tailor this learning to your group in the form of a lecture, discussion or workshop.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and vision and we’ll determine the structure and pricing together.

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