Derecho! Take cover!

Written July 11, 2012 On June 29th, Fort Wayne experienced what I now know to be called a derecho – high winds that travel a long distance. Ours were 91 miles per hour and went all the way to the east coast. It was a devastating storm knocking out power to half the city for several days and completely upending 500 trees. Coupled with the 100+ degree temps it was miserable for so many. Our heating and air conditioning guru, Doug, called from the house right after the storm to let us… Read More


Written July 11, 2012 There have been a few stages of insulating this drafty old place to ensure that our pipes don’t freeze, our heating bills don’t preclude our ability to eat, and our risk of fire traveling wildly through open areas is lessened. This last one was a new thing for me. I had never heard of fire-draft insulation, but we got it in a big fat hurry prior to the framing inspection when we found out it was needed. It’s a light, foam-type of spray that fills all of the… Read More


Written July 11, 2012 Having been given the inspectors’ green lights to march on, drywall became the next order of business. I’m not going to lie. This was a little sad for me. I had gotten quite attached to admiring all of those shiny ducts and new electrical wires and of course, those gorgeous new pipes. Call me crazy if you’d like, but the weeks of watching the experts carefully put everything into its new space were pretty interesting and to see all of their hard work go behind the scenes was… Read More

Rough Inspections

Written July 10, 2012 We passed!!! All four of our wonderful contracting groups did their jobs well and earned a gold star from the powers that be. This meant that we were granted permission to move onward and cover up all of their beautiful handiwork with drywall. A big step. Three of these inspections happened without us, i.e. the electricians, HVAC, and plumbing contractors had pulled their own building permits allowing them to do their work and so they had to be the bodies present when the respective inspectors came by. As… Read More

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